The Iranian Revolution isn't exactly an era gamers get to visit often, so when 1979 Revolution: A Cinematic Adventure Game [$4.99] released, it caught the eye of all those who enjoy historical fiction. Now that the game has gone free for the first time, you have no reason not to put yourself in the shoes of Reza Shirazi, a photojournalist caught in the flames of the Iranian Revolution. The game is narrative-heavy in the style of Telltale games and will have you making critical choices that alter the narrative's course. I haven't played the game yet to know how much your choices affect the narrative, but I don't think that will matter too much in this case because most players will play 1979 Revolution mostly to experience those momentous events.

Speaking of the historical context of the game, I'm glad to see the game daring to examine such a momentous yet understudied moment in recent global history, and for that alone it's worth playing. According to the developers, much of the game's narrative is based on testimonies by Iranian freedom fighters, witnesses, and imprisoned enemies of the state, which hopefully translates into a realistic view of the events of 1979. And I like how the developers choose to go with a photojournalist over an armed revolutionary because the latter is by now beyond cliche in gaming. I don't know for how long the game will be free, so don't wait too long before picking this one up.

  • scottsoapbox

    Whoa 2 GB! I'll have to play this later.

    • Gravity_Blast

      Holy Shnauzers, yeah I think I'll do a little device cleanup first.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Same here, though this does look like an exciting title! Hard to believe I have too little room for this on my Air 128gb.. Sigh, 1st world problems. Now I have to clean up my digital mess again lol

  • Leszek Jurczak

    Choices does matter in this game. Played for the first time and died during interrogation in the very begining. Just say the bastards name...

    • Daniel Schroeder

      I had samesies. Haven't had another death since, and I'm maybe halfway through, so maybe there are only a few instances where a bad decision gets you killed... and I say "bad decision" in that it's the wrong one programmed in the game. It seems a lot of your choices are between the lesser of several evils.

  • kfelicity85

    Arrghhh!!! I bought this 3 weeks ago after wrestling whether to spend the money on it or not.... damn... oh well

    • Eli Hodapp

      Nothing wrong with supporting developers.

  • dancj

    I've just noticed it's co-written by Brian Wood who's quite a good comic writer. That's a bonus.

  • 1231mikasa

    if i download this game for free and deleted it, will i have to pay again to download it?

    • zen_mode