While we didn't care that much about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius [Free] in our review (Shaun gave it 3.5 and talked about how it felt out-of-date compared to other games of the genre), it's still a Final Fantasy game, and those usually have quite a following. The reason the game made the news again is one you wouldn't associate with the franchise: Ariana Grande. Apparently, the developers have decided to court the young ones by featuring a character called DW (Dangerous Woman), which is based on Ariana Grande's persona in the album with the same name. I don't think Final Fantasy has ever featured a character like this one, so it's interesting to see how social RPGs are moving further into blending fictional and real worlds.

Grande posted a peek of the new character in action on her Instagram account, and you can see that her singing is definitely front and center. The new character will come to the game as a free update soon, and I'm sure many will be excited about it.

  • geno11233

    Have you not read the Internet? Lol jk, but sooo many people are outraged.

    • Tasos Lazarides

      I'm sure, but I'd guess her fans aren't.

      • Philosorunner

        It seems like there would be little to no overlap of her fans with fans of final fantasy. But who knows?

      • Tasos Lazarides

        I don't disagree with that, but like you said, who knows?

      • Beau Butler

        ... Why? This opinion is so narrowminded that I'm not really even to put together the train of thought. It can't actually be as simple as "Who plays RPGs and also listens to pop" can it? lmao

  • 16bitAindo

    If she's a fan of the games then I don't have any issue with it but I honestly can't see that being the case.

    I'm honestly not really a fan of the Xmas units they added. I guess I just prefer the way FF:RK does things.

  • gaberaph


  • HelperMonkey

    I don't know. For some reason this makes sense to me.

    • saansilt

      She is big in Japan. That might be why.

  • fabell

    Who is Ariana Grande?

  • Godspoken

    Really cool collab, I play BE casually and love Ariana. It's too bad what will probably happen is her fans download the game, discover that it would take >100 pulls to have a decent chance at getting her, and delete it.

    • Reign

      Only 100 lol I've bin trying to get Noctis for twice that lol

  • Heinz da Baron Krauss von Espy

    good for her. another game with a good reason for me _not_ to play.

  • curtisrshideler

    Glad I stopped playing a while ago. How many Grande fans do they think they will win over to FF video games with this stunt?

  • chinito77

    Well, she does speak some Japanese and she loves video games so...who knows? I stopped "playing" the game a long time ago but I do log in a few times a week just to collect gems and stuff. The chances of winning a character you want is so slim and makes the game boring.

  • echoman83

    This is just as shameless as the cup noodle quest in Final Fantasy XV. Gladio loves his noodles.