It's that extremely awkward period between Christmas and New Year where no-one really knows what to do with themselves, and so unfortunately the usual tsunami of iOS game news has slowed down to the size of a more modest ripple in the vast ocean that is the App Store. On the positive side of things, this gives everyone a chance to catch up on their sprawling iPhone backlog, and even try out some of the titles that went on sale over the holiday season, which we extensively listed in our big Christmas discount round-up. However, one particular 2016 gem slipped through the cracks - Rush Rally 2 [$0.99] has today gone on sale for the first time ever, and is now available for the ridiculous price of 2016. Yes, despite only being a 50% reduction, ridiculous is apt in this case - Rush Rally 2 offers such meticulously designed racing action that continues to get better with successive updates that $1.99 is a bargain for anyone looking to get behind the virtual wheel on their iPhone.

I could go wax lyrical about how brilliant Rush Rally 2 is, how it's my favorite racing game on mobile, and why I'd implore any iOS gamers to download it even at its full price, but our very own Shaun Musgrave has done a far more eloquent job at doing just that in both the game's review back in June and also in his own Best of 2016 list, so I'd advocate giving them a read if you're still somehow on the fence. As of writing, Brownmonster hasn't specified a reason why Rush Rally 2 has fallen to the borderline obscene price of $1.99 - neither the app description or the developer's social media feeds have suggested the cause of the sale, or how long it will last. Still, Christmas-related reductions are always awesome to see, and I'd recommend any fans of rally racing games, or anyone looking for a title that truly flexes and challenges the platform - not only graphically but in terms of content and mechanics - to download Rush Rally 2 before it reverts back to its standard cost of entry. For more discussion and news on any future updates for Rush Rally 2, be sure to head to our forum thread.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Still can't get enough of this amazing rally racer! My favorite racing game on iOS now 🙂 Was totally worth it at full price. At $1.99 you get a ridiculous amount of content from a seasoned veteran of the genre who has already given this title more support in its young life than many games will ever receive and he does not appear to be anywhere near finished! 😉 BrownMonster have created a mobile racing masterpiece with Rush Rally 2!