Good news: the long-awaited third chapter of Agent A [$4.99] is coming on Thursday, December 22nd. The point-and-click adventure game/room escape game's third episode, "Ruby's Trap," picks up where episode 2 ends, with you being trapped by the suave and actually pretty evil Ruby La Rouge. I've gotten to play this chapter ahead of its release, and it brings more of the same great puzzling fun that the original game brought. It's more of a room escape game in this chapter, as you literally have to escape the room that you are imprisoned in, triggering a variety of hidden objects and figuring out how they work in concert with one another. You'll also have to deal with math at one point, but nothing too advanced. But still, math!

Chapter 3 lasts another hour or two depending on how clever you are, but it's something that you'll likely wind up finishing in one sitting if you've got the time, since the game is still so compelling. The reduced scope of the episode doesn't harm what made the original game so appealing, even without the 'exploration' aspect of the game. The episode does end in such a way that it leads you toward the next episode, but at least with two more episodes promised for a total of five (the original release counts as two episodes), there's not the letdown that I had in my original review.

Agent A's third chapter hits iOS and tvOS on December 22nd, and will be a free update for everyone's who bought the game. Yak & co. has done another great job with this update, and you'll want to pick this one up – or for the first time – when the update's out.

  • Matt Curtis

    Wait, chapter 3? Where's chapter 2 coming...?

    • ROGER-NL

      Yeah it must be Chapter 2 Carter, been waiting for this Chapter 2 for ages now.

      • TastyTadpoles

        Yeah sorry guys it's explained in the app update description but we've split the first part into 2 chapters so this is the third!
        Yak & Co

  • Developmentr

    I was confused on when part 2 was released, but it seems this is actually part 2

  • sobriquet

    The original release was two episodes. I didn't know that until I read this article.

    • ROGER-NL

      Oh, sorry Carter my mistake, ha ha.

  • Tallgeese

    I believe you mean "Episode 3.5."

  • EZ Ice

    Does it matter...It's new content to a cool game. Play it!

  • porsupah

    And it's live, early! =:D