With an absolutely insane week behind us of long days and little sleep attempting to cover what might be the biggest game release (so far) in iOS history, this week's episode is primarily about Super Mario Run [Free]. We go over the craziness of preparing for its release on our end, our thoughts on the game, the community reaction, and things we're curious of- Particularly with what likely ended up on the cutting room floor. From there we quickly talk about Highway Runners [$0.99] and Motor Circle [Free], two silly games that have gotten our attention lately. Oh, and of course, we close it out with some news.

We're doing things a little differently with this podcast (and future podcasts) in that we're doing two versions of the show: The one here will be the same old podcast you've listened to for years now, but if you back us on Patreon, you'll get access to a special video version of the podcast where you can see the games we're talking about being played in real time, as well as what it looks like when Jared sits around petting his cat... Among other things. If you're an existing backer, check Patreon for the video!


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  • nkx

    Does anyone know if Nintendo plans to release old ports for iOS? Or is it all new games catered for iOS.

    • JamGela

      Post From 2 days ago, Miyamoto says that Nintendo doesnt have plans to port because players will want the games for free and will complain that they have to pay for them.

      • nkx

        Dang sad to hear I would pay for legend of Zelda and Metroid ports etc