It's been a long wait since Nintendo officially announced Mario coming to the iPhone in early September, and even longer if you consider that people have been clamoring for Nintendo to bring games to mobile even since the arrival of the iPhone a decade ago, but the time is finally here that Super Mario Run [Free] has arrived in the App Store. Well, arrived in "GET" form rather than the "NOTIFY" form it's been in since September, at least. As most everyone knows by now, Super Mario Run isn't exactly the Mario you know and love from the past three decades. This Mario runs, vaults over enemies, and does every other action besides jumping on his own, leaving you to focus all your attention on the jumping by simply tapping on the screen. It'll be interesting to see if Miyamoto and Co. have still provided a rewarding, skill-based Mario game despite the extreme distillation of its hallmark mechanics.

Super Mario Run is free to download and gives you a taste of the game, and if you like that taste the rest of the game is available for a one-time in-app purchase of $9.99. As you also might know, you'll need an online connection to play, which may or may not be a big deal to you but is something to be aware of. We'll have a full review of Super Mario Run out in the very near future, but until then there's really no reason not to just check out the free download of Nintendo's first official game for the iOS platform. No, Miitomo [Free] doesn't count, Mario gets this accolade. Also be sure to see what the rest of the TouchArcade community is saying about Super Mario Run by checking out the discussion in our forums.

NOTE: Since the game is still propagating, expect a bit of possible weirdness during the download process. For instance, the game never said GET or anything but when I tapped NOTIFY it asked for my Touch I'd, which I gave it, and then simply did nothing. No download circle or anything. However, to my pleasant surprise it was downloaded when I went back to my homescreen. So, it's real people! Download Mario right now!

ADDITIONAL PRO TIP: If your NOTIFY button is already greyed out, tap any of the buttons at the bottom of the App Store ten times quickly to reset the cache and the NOTIFY button should light up again, allowing you to download the game.

  • MicroByte

    This works and to my freaking surprise... IS RUNNING MY CRAPY IPHONE 4S!!!

    • cloudpuff

      Works brilliantly on my first gen mini and also my Daughters ancient ipad2. I didn't think I'd be able to play until after Xmas when I can afford a newer device. I've read many people with newer devices having issues with crashes etc which is surprising.

  • HelperMonkey

    Never heard of it.

    • NickyNichols

      A plumber saving a princess? That will never get over.

  • Notturno

    Not available here, i'm in brazil though

  • VTX

    Non jailbroken iPhone 6 -> crashes when starting the app...

    • Rothgarr

      Works on mine, what if you reboot your phone?

    • Derprozess

      Non-Jailbreak device as well, crashes on my iPad Air 1st gen

    • Wonder_Maru_R

      iPhone 6 too here, not crashing. Try restart your phone, the app seems demanding in terms of resources

    • darkelite

      Non jailbroken and I crash as well. I've already restarted the phone and I'm still crashing. That's a bad start for Nintendo.

      Running iPhone 6 with latest iOS Firmware.

      • Wonder_Maru_R

        ok, I didn't update to 10.2 yet. Maybe it's the thing?

      • abodi

        Unlikely I updated and it still crashes

  • Peterplodocus

    LETS'A GO!

  • thestinkypig

    Jail broken iPhone 6, keeps crashing after open after the red screen with Nintendo in the center

    • WhoaManWtF

      Yeah, keyword jailbroken, you will never get support from Nintendo.

    • Milotorou

      Just get TSProtector 8+ from cydia, add Super Mario Run to the black list, and it wont crash on startup

    • darkelite

      I'm not jailbrokend and I'm crashing on that same screen. I tried to restart the device and it still doesn't work.

  • libtroll

    What's a mario?

  • WhoaManWtF

    Marion on iPhone? Whaa? When were you guys going to tell me about this?!

  • Fastbridge

    It here in New York

  • Galley

    Thanks for the Pro Tip!

  • Spudboy

    Does the world need another 'runner'?

    • Gunderson

      'Tis not a 'runner', but a level based platform game. You silly sausage.

  • NicoPWD

    OMG. YES, YES and YES. Its downloading as I type

  • bossjaja

    Very impressed so far. Graphics are great, gameplay is smooth and fun, & there's a ton of content (6 worlds, 120 pink coins, 120 purple coins, 120 black coins, 5 rainbow bridges, kingdom builder, toad rally, missions, coin prizes, etc)

    I also really like how well they did the My Nintendo integration. It's so un-Nintendo to have the online connectivity be so easy to use 😁

    • WhoaManWtF

      I have not played much yet but... I am not sure this is a 10 dollar game, seems like another runner.

      • ejfarraro

        I haven't tried it yet but I know that it has stages like a regular Mario game. It's not an endless runner.

      • WhoaManWtF

        No not an endless runner, more like the Sonic one or something. You single tap anywhere on the screen to control things, there also appear to be tickets for the toad rally thing which seems odd with no iaps.. Yeah apparently you play a bonus game to get tickets, with a 50% chance of getting one and an 8 hour timer between tries... (This 50% chance is based on my first play of it because well I have to wait 8 hours to try again.)

  • chief78

    Available in the U.S.!!!

  • thejbe

    It's a blatant rip of flappy birds!! I'd be suing!

  • benadvanced

    Why does my button still say Notify? 🙁

    • benadvanced

      Guess I had to force close the App Store for it to change. Never was "notified" by Apple that the game launched so I think that feature was a total bust.

  • Peter Kellstrand

    Anyone else having trouble linking their Nintendo ID?

    • solarnya

      nintendo ID service is currently stopping

      • NicoPWD

        Not me I got in into my Nintendo account without any problem and linked my account to my I pad.

      • Peter Kellstrand

        Bummer, everytime I tap the "log in" button it brings me to a screen that says "Access Denied".

      • ZeeMonkeyMan

        Stop trying to log into some One else's account then lol

  • NicoPWD

    It was worth the wait and already paid 10.00 for the game, but there was not any doubt in my mind I would not pay full price:). I was going to pay regardless.

  • brianj22

    Downloads without wi-fi, plays without wi-fi, doesn't crash, looks great, Nintendo charm. Yeah!

    • Intendro

      More sarcasm. This game deserves all the sarcasm.

  • cadillackills

    Not that you're wrong I'm buying regardless, but I thought it had to be online which caused a slight uproar. Not trolling just asking.

  • Milotorou

    Other pro tip : To those who are jailbroken like me, its the same anti-jailbreak than Pokemon GO, just use tsprotector 8+ to bypass.

    Youre welcome.

    P.S Game is fun so far, already purchased 😊

  • ginkomanc

    Just played a few mins,bored already and I usually love mario games

  • xelasnewo

    iPhone 5c here non-jailbroken and crashes on the red screen. Ive closed all background apps and rebooted still nothing

  • dancj

    I'm feeling pretty underwhelmed with my play through of the first three levels. I'm surprised so many people have already spent the $10

    • Eli Hodapp

      Maybe a lot of people want to send Nintendo a $10 note that says "Please keep making mobile games."

      • joseywales

        Or a note that says make a better one please.

      • Peter Kellstrand

        i'm still waiting on that bomb game developed by joseywales...

      • brianj22

        On one hand no need to be negative about the game. On the other people can have an opinion about the game good or bad without having developed one of their own. I have never directed a movie but still find many to be lousy.

      • joseywales

        Mm, it was an auto runner wrapped in the skin of a beloved childhood franchise. You haven't played it? It's premium but you can also earn in game "nostalgia" points as you play. I'll send you a code since I'm sure you won't have anything less than positive to say since you haven't developed a game of your own.

      • Peter Kellstrand

        You missed the point completely, and that's okay.

        Like I said, i'm still waiting on that joseywales game.

      • joseywales

        Yeah, you had a one sentence non argument and I sarcastically responded to it.

      • Peter Kellstrand

        Yas kween.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Heh, roasted.

      • WhoaManWtF

        If I could choose what the note said and be sure they read it I would, and it would say something exactly like what Josey said.

      • Derprozess


  • NicoPWD

    The game is cool and nice graphics and easy to control. I also like Toad Rally where you can run against other people around the world and collect coins almost like with Sega with Sonic.I wonder if Nintendo will add more worlds to the game? If not than Toad Rally is also super fun. Yes it was worth the wait and worth every penny. Hoping Nintendo will make more mobile games in the future. I am very pleased with the game.

  • Pappa

    Not available in the Belgian store yet

  • Nathan Reinauer

    I've never spent $10 so quickly.

    • Intendro

      I've never avoided spending money on a Mario platformer so quickly.
      Online requirement in a single player game. This nonsense must end.
      Online modes means they make it take about 1 second to upload the save if you choose to play online, it's that simple.

  • Paul

    Playing fine, then lose internet. Error 804-1000. Suck a dick Nintendo. Also, it's plays like a free to play clone.

    • Big Huge Nerd

      Not to mention it doesn't even stick to 60fps on a 7 Plus. Can't believe the frame rate issues. Throw off the timing of jumps all the time.

      • Paul

        Not seen that I admit. That would suck though. I'm just gutted it kicks you and how un-Mario it feels. No exploration. No way I am buying it.

      • Big Huge Nerd

        In some ways it's put me off buying a Nintendo Switch. I really do think this game is a disservice to Nintendo fans in so many ways...

      • Paul

        Does feel very much like a cash grab. Though to be honest that has been Nintendos policy when it comes to digital.

  • aj_blade

    13.99 in Canada

  • Adda

    No restore purchase option. Seems that purchase is linked to your Nintendo ID. That feels completely at odds with Apples IAP guidelines.

    • cloudpuff

      It's linked to your iTunes ID, I've bought on two device but only charged once, once you've entered password you're told that you've already bought it and do you want to buy again for free.

    • cloudpuff

      It'll look like your going to be charged again as you get asked do you want to buy for £7.99 but after you've pressed yes you'll be told you've already bought it. We have different Njntendo network IDs linked on both devices but the same iTunes account is used on both, I was ready to pay twice if needed but he purchase restored on the second device without any issues.

  • Peter Kellstrand

    So, I linked my nintendo to my ipad, but when i do it for my iphone it says that it's already linked. Did I do something wrong?

  • Dr T

    It's...ok. But not worth $10 for the limited game play I saw in the trial. It is very well polished though.

  • ac166

    Still nothing in the uk

    • Feathers

      I've had it for at least the last hour. Check the store again.

  • mudads

    Played one level and bought. But I've had $10 sitting in my account waiting for this day for months now.

  • Francois Cuennet

    Do you know how to win some blue, yellow or green toads in the toad rally?

  • gleeclub

    Too expensive

    • dancj

      Yeah. I'm not seeing anything that lifts this above the likes of (or even up to the level of) games like Rayman Jungle Run

  • xelasnewo

    Same im so frustrated!!!

  • darkelite

    Same here. Non jailbroken, latest iOS, also restarted the phone. Doesn't work, keep crashing.

  • abodi

    iPhone 5 not jailbroken. Just updated iOS and it still crashes on the first screen

  • jimbobuk

    I got the game on my iPhone, loved it. Paid the money for it gladly. All this without linking a Nintendo account at the time. Then I tried to install it on my iPad and noticed that it wasn't synced at all. It wanted me to purchase it again. Heard that you can get things more synced with linking to a nintendo account, so tried doing that. Synced on my iPhone to my Nintendo ID, worked ok.. tried to do the same on my iPad and just got this error

    "The Nintendo Account you tried to link is already linked to another game account - Support Code 804-3905"

    So I'm stuck.. Have already tried the in-app help system to get hopefully an answer to this.

    It appears the online requirement is to enforce you perhaps only being able to play with 1 copy at a time across devices.. I know some parents who have already asked for refunds due to seemingly needing to buy the app's purchase price 3x over just so all his family are able to play the app at the same time.

    Has anyone got their purchase syncing at all between devices, even if you have to only play on one at a time?

    • cloudpuff

      I've only paid once on both of my devices. My daughter and I and all different Njntendo network ids because we didn't want to share game save files, but the game purchase is linked to iTunes and as long as you're trying to purchase on the initial iTunes account you won't be charged again. If parents have been charged three times they've probably used three different iTunes accounts. It says it'll cost £7.99 but once you've pressed yes to buy, you're told you e already paid and asked if you want to unlock again for free. Nobody I know has been charged more than once if they've downloaded and unlocked on the iTunes account that made the initial payment, sister in law has four kids and her and husbands device and hasn't been charged more than once...

  • Murphyboat

    same deal here... i tried deleting and reinstalling; tried to find options on the nintendo account site... so far nada... [grumble] ... the game is fun tho, obvs/lol.

    • Mike

      Figured it out. Uninstall on the machine you purchased it with. Then reinstall and as soon as the app starts choose to link to your network id. After that go in to pay for the upgrade. I pressed the pay button and it asked me if I wanted to pay $10. At this point I took a chance and authorized with touch ID. Instead of charging me it said I had already paid and BAM.

      • peterwarbo

        So you can't sync the game on both ipad and iphone? If I play some levels on my phone I can't catch up where I was on the ipad?

      • Mike

        As long as your signed in with your Nintendo ID on both it will sync.

      • peterwarbo
      • jimbobuk

        What do you then do for the device that you didn't purchase with? I'd presumed the link option on first boot may behave differently to the link option within the game itself. Annoyingly its always talking about creating the nintendo account, rather than just logging in.

        I presume with you deleting off your brought machine that you lost any progress you'd made on that device?

      • Mike

        After I forced quit Mario and launched it again, (on the device I didn't purchase it on), the levels were unlocked without me having to "purchase" it. You are correct that you will lose progress on the machine that you made the purchase.