If you are one of the many who enjoyed Square Enix's Lara Croft GO [$4.99], the build-for-mobile puzzle game starring the famous Brit, then rejoice because a new DLC called Mirror of Spirits is heading to mobile in a few months. Mirror of Spirits won't be made by Square Enix but by KO_OP Mode instead. The new DLC looks fun and complex in a good way, so I can't wait to get my hands on it. It looks like there's a new mechanic in the DLC judging from the mirror tricks we see in the trailer. Mirror of Spirits will come out as a PlayStation exclusive and then will hit PC around March, so maybe that's the month that's coming on mobile, too.

Square Enix was very smart in developing these GO games because as we can see from Mirror of Spirits, they can be expanded very easily. It's good to see made-for-mobile games find their way to other platforms. We'll let you know when you have a date for the new DLC.

  • Samurix16


    • Tallgeese

      Zee Opposite! Velcommen to ze Mirror Realm, herr Croft!

      • Tallgeese

        Zis game is so uncool, it's like when a burn feels like glacier freeze on unt sprankel!

  • CookingPie

    Will this dlc be an iap ?

  • Heinz da Baron Krauss von Espy

    this is my favorite among the 3 GO games. gorgeous, atmospheric and interesting puzzle mechanics. hopefully this will help remedy the problem with the game being too short.

  • JEmlay

    First it's PS4 exclusive. Now it's out for PC. When the hell does it hit iOS?

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