I've been quietly following the development of 1949 EndWar for over a year now, and we first brought you news of this spiritual sequel to Capcom's 1942 back in early October when developer Smallthing released the first official teaser trailer for the game. While the team had originally hoped to release the game before the end of 2016, they feel they need a little more time to get the game just right and are now targeting Q1 of 2017 isntead, along with an expanded set of release platforms like Xbox One, PC, Mac, and possibly even PlayStation 4 and Vita. Anyway, to temper the wait for those like me who are anxiously awaiting 1949 EndWar, Smallthing today has released a new gameplay trailer showing a solid 2 minute playthrough of the first level in the game.

In ultimate teaser fashion, that video ends right as the boss battle is heating up, but it does its job of making me even more excited for 1949 EndWar than I already was. My favorite thing is how meticulous Smallthing is about keeping this new game faithful to the classic series while still indulging in flourishes like fancier explosions and particle effects that give 1949 EndWar a modern feel while still being totally retro. I really can't wait for this one to hit, so in the meantime follow along with its progress in the forums and we'll give you a heads up once some more concrete information is released regarding a release date for 1949 EndWar.

  • jayson

    I've been playing the 1942 series since I was a little kid at the arcade, and this looks great. My only concern is how the controls will feel with touch instead of a joystick. This may be a perfect title for a gamepad.

    • Corky McButterpants

      Get yourself a good stylus—I find it absolutely invaluable on Sky Force Reloaded, etc... it gives you a really good unobstructed view with excellent control.


        Never thought of that.

  • Dahaka_101

    Pretty weird to see this kind of game in landscape. The vertical scrolling gameplay just fits perfectly with a portrait oriented phone/tablet.

  • OrangutanKungfu

    Pick up the stars, man - don't just leave them there! And er, landscape? What? Presumably that's the PC version or something - can't see a vertical scroller in anything other than portrait mode on iOS.