There are a wide variety of genres and types of games on the App Store, many of which would only work on the pure touchscreen-centric input that the iPhone offers. While this results in a lot of imaginative and innovative experiences, I still end up gravitating towards platformers when I'm looking for a new game to play. I don't know whether it's their intrinsic familiarity or maybe just a personal predisposition towards the genre, but games such as Mos Speedrun 2 [$1.99] and Kero Blaster [$3.99] provided incredibly compulsive platforming action that was impossible to put down. Tons of Bullets [$1.99] follows in a similar vein - with both graphics and gameplay that evoke a bygone era of chaotic 2D platformers, the developers created a predictable but fun premium game that was a bargain for its two dollar price of entry. While the developers have supported the game with successive updates since its launch, Tons of Bullets has today gone on sale for the first time ever for only $0.99, which is a fantastic price for anyone looking for even more enemies to run, shoot and jump at.

While the screenshots suggest a more high-octane and short lived style of play, Tons of Bullets actually follows the Metroidvania blueprint in offering a whole host of different items that facilitate progress throughout the duration of the game. Whether you choose to shoot, swing, or even jetpack your way over the nefarious army of the creatively titled antagonist Dr. Mad Jump is entirely down to you, and some interesting stealth mechanics befitting of the ninja hero is a nice touch in mixing up some of the action. While some may take issue with the controls - MFI controller support is a fantastic way of alleviating this issue - and while Tons of Bullets will by no means revolutionise the platforming genre on the App Store, the game has a lot of potential and is definitely worth a try, especially for its sale price of $0.99. With future updates in the pipeline, be sure to take advantage of this limited time 50% discount, and let us know your thoughts on Tons of Bullets on our forum thread.

  • Brian Healey

    Bought this for full price when it came out and haven't played more than ten minutes due to the awful controls. Love the look of it, and a metroidvania is my favorite kind of game but it's unplayable as is.

    • Rob Funnell

      I got used to the controls after a while, but I may be in the minority; from what I've gathered, the developers are looking to address this so look out for future updates!

      • collider

        I gave it about 30 minutes of pure frustration, with and without mfi... I wanted to love this one, but I couldn't get past the first bunch of spikes without dying a hundred times. Glad to hear they're working on it, I've kept it on my phone in the hopes that it would be updated at some point.
        Love that you mentioned Mos + Kero Blaster, 2 of my all time favs... Mos is fantastic with a controller on Apple TV. Currently making my way through Cave Story (never finished it in past years, on a mission!). Wish there was an iOS version, but even the mac version on Steam hasn't been updated in ages, so I won't hold my breath there...
        Anyway, Bullets looks like it could be up there with my favs if the controls were tighter...

  • zinkdogg

    Hated the controls. Never got past the first checkpoint. Refund.

  • Clive Bennett

    We've heard the comments regarding the controls and we can tell you that the devs are working on this so there is an update in the pipeline