Good news for football fans out there (and yes, football, not soccer). Sports Interactive's Football Manager Mobile 2017 [$8.99] is finally out, so now you can go coach your favorite team on the go. FM Mobile 2017 lets you coach teams from 15 countries, with Poland and Turkey being the new countries on the block in this year's edition. You get to pick your starting eleven, make the appropriate transfers to strengthen your squad, pick your tactics, and much more. And when all is ready to go, you can watch the match in a 2D engine (although you can't watch the full match; just highlights). If you like sports management games, this is probably the best one you can get on a phone in terms of depth, refinement, and entertainment.

Football Manager Mobile 2017

The 2017 version of the game has added some important refinements. Scouting has been improved significantly as now you get more information on a scouted player and can make better decisions. There are also additional transfer options - like loaning with buy-out clauses - that open up more possibilities when building your squad. Squad control has been improved as well, especially in terms of player interaction. Now you can punish that player for getting a red card last time around. Finally, the UI has been further improved. Overall, this is probably a big enough update to warrant buying the 2017 even if you bought last year's.

  • djstout

    The full version is really great and I'm thinking about getting that one too, how is it different from the iPad touch version?

    • curtisrshideler

      Match highlights are strictly 2D. UI is much more streamlined and easier for me to navigate. You can add custom/official logos through iTunes file sharing, and you can get through full seasons so much faster. BUT FMM doesn't have MLS like FMT does. Still my biggest complaint about the game. It's just frustrating they won't put it in there, especially since FMT has it.

      • OrangutanKungfu

        It does seem odd that they have the Aussie league but not MLS. My only thought is that it might be pointless bringing in MLS without adding other leagues from the Americas, for the sake of the CONCACAF Champions League - which then means it would be silly not to add the big South and Central American leagues of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

      • curtisrshideler

        Yeah, I'm tired of hearing that they can't bring MLS to FMM because it would make the game too big. If FMT 2016 has MLS and many more leagues AND has a 3D engine all under 3GB, then surely upping FMM's size wouldn't be that bad, and allow it to run just fine. But if they want to keep it as small as possible for lesser-capable devices, then I sort of understand. But if they won't add MLS and other American leagues to FMM, why not just have FMT allow plus size devices to download run FMT? They are more than technical capable. Let us decide, you know?

  • Rob h

    Why are the menus different on the pictures on the app store? The menus on mine are exactly the same as 2016. Scrolling is better at least. What changes have they exactly made to the ui?

    • curtisrshideler

      Yeah, after finding out they wouldn't add MLS, I wasn't sure if it would be worth buying again this year. Then I saw the promo images and thought they brought the FMM big screen UI to all devices. And I would have loved to have the option to use the side menu UI. But I don't see any options in the settings to switch from the small screen menu to the advertised side menu. They should show both in the App Store description page.

      • Rob h

        I have been on it all day though. Its great and the scrolling is much improved. Yeah it would be nice if u could change the menu layout I don't see why they wouldn't put the option in there . I like to have alot of info in one place. Still the match engine is unrivalled so it's still worth it I guess. Its much more responsive Than FM 2016.

      • curtneedsaride

        Yeah, the match engine is definitely the best on mobile. And as long as I can manage one of my clubs on it, I'll keep getting it just for that gameplay. And I guess the FMM user base just isn't big enough for SI to throw more resources at it to really bridge the gap between its database and FMT's. I guess I'm the hardest on the things I love the most.

  • Lanster27

    So I'm looking for recommendations for a relativrly deep football management game on mobile, should I be getting FMM 2017 or 2016? Or is there another title in the app store I should consider? I'm playing on Iphone 6, will the screen size be ok?

    Also I see there's IAP for 2017? Do these add to the gameplay or just cosmetic? The total bundle price is more than the game itself. Thanks!

  • giwrgos fatouros can i play fmm 2017 with real players ? I don't know how can i start with no real players..

    • Lanster27

      Yep you can. Before you start a new career mode, go to Preferences on the main menu. Once there, tap View on the bottom and choose Starting Configuration. In there, you have option to use real players and other tweaks.

      • giwrgos fatouros

        I did it....there weren't any results....please heeelp

      • MarcVaughan

        Can you confirm you have a legitimate version of the game - it sounds like you might have accidentally installed a pirated version