South Korean indie developer Somi has already made an impression on mobile gamers when his twisted puzzle platformer RETSNOM [$2.99] made its way from desktop to mobile just last month. Now he's brought another one of his desktop hits to mobile in the form of Replica: A Little Temporary Safety [$1.99] which arrived earlier today. Replica is a point-and-click adventure at heart, and plays out via a fake smartphone interface which you must poke around and inspect in order to unlock the secrets of the phone and its original owner. You're doing all of this at the Government's insistence, which leads me to think that there will be more to this story than meets the eye.

Speaking of more to the story, Somi says that Replica boasts a whopping 12 different endings to pursue, as well as 8 different achievements, so there should be plenty of replayability here. The Lifeline series of games has shown how engaging these faux smartphone interfaces can be for storytelling, and Mr. Robot Exfiltration [$2.99] took that concept to the next level with more immersion and a focus on hacking. Replica looks along the same lines, so if you enjoy these types of interactive fiction experiences and have a couple of bucks burning a hole in your pocket, give it a look and stop by the forums to leave your thoughts.