PagodaWest Games have been enlisted to work on the awesome Sonic Mania (that isn't planned for mobile yet but I am a crazy dreamer who believes in a magical future), but they're still working on their mobile titles. Their next title is Spirit Rush, a high score chaser that takes some inspiration from Whale Trail [Free] and Yoshi's Island. You control a little buddy riding a magical dragon, being pursued by dangerous, mystical creatures. The creatures will knock you off if you get hit, so you have to fly your dragon through loops to be super-powered to take them out, or to activate the attack by encircling them with your flying. You tap and hold to fly upward, and making circles can be difficult if the screen is full of enemies, but I believe in you. If you take damage, you have 10 seconds to get your little buddy back, and that count doesn't reset, so don't get hit if you can avoid it.

Spirit Rush is a pretty cool high score chaser, and the Yoshi's Island influence with the child flying away after taking damage is implemented in such a way that it adds an element of chaos and panic to the game. This one will be free with ads, and IAP to get more dragonorbs to buy customizations, and one IAP to unlock everything and remove ads. Expect Spirit Rush on November 10th.

  • nini

    Very different from PagodaWest's usual stuff but I may try it.

  • Cheuk Seto

    it 2-D Nights: Into Dreams!


      Didn't Sega even bundle that game with a special controller? So long ago!

  • Remote_

    Nights Into Dreams inspired, by the looks of it. And that's a very good thing in my opinion!