We've talked about in the past how Pokemon GO partly stood out because it emphasized the mobile part of mobile games; it was all about forcing people to physically move in order to play the game. Otherkin is similarly aiming to combine mobile gaming with physical activity, which is appropriate since the game is all about exploring a fantasy world. I mean, you could see those used socks under the bed as little goblins, but perhaps looking for them out in the wild makes more sense. The game has you traveling outside to find magical wisps; once you locate them - using your magical senses - you use your mobile phone's camera to capture them through a hand-eye coordination and reflexes challenge.


The game offers a story-driven single player mode, which involves moving around outdoors and fighting enemies, as well as the ability to challenge other players in combat with spells that require physical maneuvers. It all sounds like lots of fun, if it's done right that is. Would you enjoy playing a game like Otherkin? Check out the game's webpage for more info.

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  • Roleki

    After the phenomenal success that POGO saw this year, this kind of game was inevitable, I guess. But as said in the article, it will depend on how well it is done. Timing could be a problem though - with the main markets going into wintry cold do we really want to be going outside to play?

  • nini

    That's a choice of name for sure.