There are some fun MMOs on the App Store, but we are lacking in good naval ones, a fact that 175Game is hoping to remedy with the upcoming Great Voyage. According to the developers in our Upcoming Games forum thread, the game takes place in the Age of Discovery. You are a captain searching for answers in your father's death and, of course, looking to take revenge on all involved. The game takes place across the world and features real-time PvP sea battles along with the usual MMO features of guild raids, battle arenas, and, of course, plundering any loot you come upon.

You can even play as a peaceful captain and focus on trading across harbors, investing in cities, and so on. I always like the idea of playing an MMO without killing everything in sight, but more often than not such roles are half-baked. Great Voyage will offer over 200 quests, and you'll be able to get your hands on over 30 ships. The game is close to being done, but no details on release dates so far. Check out our forum page for more details on the game.

  • gwarmaxx

    hey, have you tried The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt? it's not a MMO, but has a multiplayer, and the game is in a gorgeous 3D, with weekly updates, sp missions and story, detailed Caribbean map and non intrusive IAPs... i'm playing it from months, and can say that is really wonderful! i think that it deserves a review on TA, trust me.

    • RunningWild

      Agreed. It's a labour of love and sates my Sid Meier's Pirates! cravings.

    • Septim

      That one sounds and looks good. Thanks for the heads up. Downloading.

  • HelperMonkey

    So, wait... Since it's an MMO, is EVERYONE looking for answers regarding the deaths of THEIR OWN fathers?
    'Cause that sounds tragic.

    • reverand79

      Monkey.... I am your father...

  • MvP Ace

    This game look so cool how long till release?