Last month we checked out the trailer for an interesting-looking upcoming card battler called Fangold: The Eventful Adventures of Land of Britain. While card battlers are everywhere you look nowadays, Fangold was different in that it had you exploring an open world and completing quests like an RPG in order to gather materials to craft the cards you'd be battling with. It's like an RPG based heavily around a card battling system. Today developer Potato Killer Studios has released a new trailer for Fangold which focuses more on the card battling portion, including new features like Elemental Terrains which will play a big part in the card battling mechanics.

If you happen to be in Italy, you can check out Fangold in action during Milan Games Week from this Friday October 14th through Sunday October 16th. If not, well, hopefully Potato Killer will have a full release date for the game soon. In addition to iOS and Android, Fangold is also in development for PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and we'll be keeping our eye out for new information or a release date in the near future.

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  • pisiform

    That is an awful trailer. Lots of uninformative shots of Hearthstone like gameplay. Nothing meaningful about the RPG exploration and crafting that got me to watch it. Doesn't fill me
    With hope if they couldn't put what could have been stand out features in a trailer

    • Jared Nelson

      That was the goal of this newest trailer, though. Focusing on the new features and graphic effects in the battle portions. The original trailer linked in the first paragraph is more of a general overview type of trailer.