Flash Point: Fire Rescue did very well in its Kickstarer a few years back, bringing in over ten times the amount it asked for. Now, Flash Point is getting ready to put out some digital fires next year. In Flash Point you either play by yourself or work with others as you try to put together and execute a plan that will allow you to take on the hazards of a building on fire and, hopefully, rescue all the people and pets trapped inside. The game creates all kinds of interesting decision moments like having to decide whether it's worth smashing through the building to get to what might be a false alarm or whether to put a fire out first and then take the victims out or vice versa.

Fire Rescue

The digital version of the game looks pretty good judging from the screenshots, and it will come with online multiplayer, which immediately makes it more fun. The digital version will come with 2 houses and plenty of victims to rescue as well as 8 different fire fighters each with his or her own ability to choose from. Flash Point: Fire Rescue should be coming out in 2017, so stay tuned for more info.

Fire Rescue


  • Feathers

    Oooh, I do like Flash Point

    *Is only missing the exclusives from the original kickstarter*

    • idmonfish

      Its a great game so this is great news.