Simogo is responsible for some amazing mobile games (like Year Walk [$3.99] and Device 6 [$3.99]) but also for The Sailor's Dream [$3.99], which became a reason for people to debate the difference between a game and an interactive experience. It's been a while since Simogo talked about a new project, but it finally did so recently, and that new project is called Project Night Road (not the final title). Simogo calls Project Night Road a "game" repeatedly in the blog, so perhaps we won't be having the same debates like the ones about The Sailor's Dream (emphasis on perhaps).

According to the developers, in some ways Project Night Road is "the most gamey game" from Simogo, but "in other ways it is not." It will have scoring systems, goals, and replayability, but it's also influenced by many aspects of pop culture and should be as enjoyable to watch as it is to play. And it has many characters, motorcycles, dancing, masks, weird powers, and a mysterious thrift store existing only in a girl's dream.

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This description doesn't tell us much, although it sounds very cool to me. Project Night Road will be bigger than Simogo's previous projects and with a very different style of music than what the developer usually gives us. The game won't be coming out this year for sure, and Simogo says it's still too early to talk about a platform for Project Night Road. Hopefully we'll end up getting it on mobile, too. Check out the full blog post here.

  • nini

    I'm just going to assume it's the follow up to Bumpy Road.

    • curtisrshideler

      I'd love a spiritual successor to Bumpy Road. That gem of a game was fantastic. But I'll try anything by Simogo at this point.

  • James Cameron

    I feel burned by A Sailor's Dream so this will have to be pretty good to gain my respect for Simogo again

    • OrangutanKungfu

      I feel burned by Avatar. Avatar 2 will have to be pretty good to gain my respect for James Cameron again.

      (Sorry - couldn't resist)

  • Stephen

    I love Simogo. Thank god for them.