We've been getting quite a few CCGs on the App Store in recent months, but you won't hear me complain. Now you can add Cabals: Card Blitz to the list of upcoming CCGs. As you can probably guess from the name, Cabals: Card Blitz is offering mobile players a fast-paced CCG with short, intense battles, perfect for playing on the go. The game offers both PvP and PvE battles, which I know many of you will like. When it comes to PvE, Cabals will have you conquering strongholds and defeating bosses; when it comes to PvP, the game is going to let players compete with others even when their rivals are offline. According to the developers, the game emphasizes the deck-building aspect of CCGs and will have you building your deck, devising strategies, and then sending your deck to battle.

Cabals: Card Blitz Cabals: Card Blitz

I like the game's art quite a bit, and I'm glad that more and more developers are building games that take under consideration how many iPhone gamers play rather than hope that said gamers will adjust to the game's mechanics. If you've been playing iPhone games long enough, you'll probably remember Cabals: Magic & Battle Cards [Free], a very fun card game that came out in 2009. Cabals: Card Blitz is based in the same universe, but it's all about good deck-building and fast battles. If all goes as planned, the game will release next month.

  • Steph

    Could be interesting but the way they chise to implement PvP concerns me.

  • pyrrhonic

    I still keep the original Cabals game on my phone, and break it out now and then. It remains as solid as Ascension, in my opinion, although it has more in common, in terms of mechanics and gameplay, with Playdek's Summoner Wars. I prefer Cabal's implementation of the "battlemap", though. It's smaller and more variable, allowing for faster games and requiring interesting tactics. The design is also simpler and more stylized, which appeals to me.

    (Don't get me wrong; I think Summoner Wars is a fantastic game, too, and it's definitely worth checking out as well if Cabals gameplay tickles your fancy. I just think Cabals is better.)