We've been covering Turbo's Super Senso for quite a while now. Since we last got a look at it, the game got picked up Gung Ho as a publisher and has seen a whole bunch of new tweaks, updates, and additions. Super Senso in its current form is still a great spin on Advance Wars for mobile, but changes in gameplay flow, pacing, and how you put together your armies now makes a lot more sense.

Super Senso is still in development, and they hope to release the game soon. A ton has changed since the soft launched version that some of you might have played, and in my opinion, this game is worth getting excited for- Particularly if you've been looking to scratch your Advance Wars itch on mobile.

[Editor's Note: We walked through the whole PAX show floor and shot a ton of video yesterday, if you've got a mobile game (or a game that's going to be ported to mobile eventually) and we haven't shot video of your stuff yet. Please reach out by DM'ing @hodapp on Twitter to tell us where you're at. Connectivity is a nightmare at PAX, but, we'll be there. Also, if you're not at the show but curious where all the PAX coverage is, those same connectivity issues are making getting videos online really difficult.]

  • Gurney Halleck

    This is looking good! Love the isometric/overhead camera controls!