I was a big fan of Ellipsis [$2.99] when it released earlier this year, and the game's just gotten a Game of the Year update with new content, along with a brand new free version. First off, why Game of the Year? Well, they won Intel's Game of the Year award, so yeah, fair enough. But the new content adds in 15 levels to the full game, bringing the total to 150 levels.

Along with the new content, a new Ellipsis - Prologue [Free] has been released, which features a free set of levels to play, along with some exclusive new levels. The good news is that progress syncs up between these two versions of the game, so if you try to discover the new levels, or from free to paid, you don't lose any progress. Plus, both versions support Apple TV, so you can play on there as well. Ellipsis 1.2 and Ellipsis - Prologue are out now.