For some of you, this is the story that will translate into losing many hours of your life staring at your device as the closed Beta for Armajet has just gone live. If you haven't played the game when it was out in Alpha, Armajet is a 2D shooter that's great fun to play and works amazingly-well on mobile. The Beta is bringing many new features to the game including adding friends from their in-game profile, getting notifications when friends jump online, Clans, Ranked Play that will use an ELO-style rating system, more weapons, more perks, more badges, more of everything. There's even a spectator mode. And it looks even cooler than it did during the Alpha.

Armajet is a fantastic game that I'm very excited to get back to playing once again. In order to play the game, you'll need an iPhone or an iPad with iOS 8.0 or later and, of course, the Testflight app. If you aren't in the Beta, you can apply to join here. The game has a Discord channel too so you can talk to the devs and to other players, and you can also find friends to play with in our forum thread. I'll see you all (at least those in the beta) on the battlefield.

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  • Spudboy

    Just downloaded it. Give it a whirl.

  • rezn

    What a week so far. Just played an online match and yup this game is awesome. I can see my battery depleting a lot with this goodie.

  • Slate

    Signed up for beta. Hoping I get the chance to play soon.

  • lemessie

    Me too... 😉

    • lemessie

      Thanks this game is awsome !!!

  • baldeagle86

    Reminds me of soldat back in the day. Which is great!!

  • Tonk Montana

    Does anyone know if progress will be retained this time?

    • rezn

      I'm sure it will be wiped out. Besides the badge that shows us as legacy players.

  • Brendan Keough

    woo! looks nifty, put in my beta application, too.
    I look forward to laughing at whiny people who don't understand how ELO works.