Force of Habit, the developers behind the fun Toast Time [$2.99] and Sinking Feeling [$0.99], are working on a new game for iOS called makenines. The plan is for the game to release on September 9th, which makes a lot of sense. What does not make a lot of sense is what the game is about. A Vine seems to show that it's about combining tiles to make nines:

But then another Vine seems to indicate that the tiles have to be adjacent, perhaps:

Other than that and other Vines they've posted in their forum, Force of Habit is being a bit tight-lipped about what the game will be. I mean, we live in a time where cloners are out of control. But considering the fun games the studio has made so far, this could prove to be a fun puzzler to check out.

  • rezn

    Toast Time was an instant classic. This looks pretty cool too.

  • ValentiaLyra

    I'm a huge fan of "combine blocks for some reason or other" games, so I am very much looking forward to this.