If you are of the many Pokemon GO [Free] players  waiting for the Pokemon GO Plus to release at the end of this month, I have some bad news for you. According to a tweet by Nintendo of America, Pokemon GO Plus will release September 2016 instead of the end of July, which is a bummer for many. If you don't know what the Pokemon GO Plus is, it's a small device that lets you play Pokemon GO while walking around without having to keep looking at your phone. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth low energy and notifies you for any in-game events. For instance, it allows you to search a Pokestop for items by pressing the button and can even use the device to add those items to your inventory.

The device also notifies you when a Pokemon appears nearby. When one of those Pokemon pops up around you, the device vibrates and lights up. When it comes to actually capturing Pokemon, you can use the button on the device to throw a Poke ball - but only if you've caught that specific Pokemon before. If you manage to catch it, the device will flash and vibrate. So, as you can guess, Pokemon GO Plus will be a good way to play the game while both saving battery on your phone and avoiding getting run over. So, a bit more patience - which is a necessary virtue when it comes to playing Pokemon GO anyway.

  • nini

    That's a long time, better hope that PokeGo fever doesn't die down by then.

  • Mrbestapps

    In 2 months hardly anyone will be playing it I guarantee it.

    • Stoski


      • Design by Adrian

        Poo poo head!

    • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

      How much will you guarantee? I'll pay you $100 via Venmo if Pokemon GO is not in the Top 6 "Top Grossing" slots in the App Store? If they are... will you pay me $100?

    • Qwazz Bre

      Because we can all trust the credibility of some random name on the internet, right?...

  • Akiratech

    This would have been a good smart watch app if they weren't being greedy

    • austress678

      I was really hoping I could do it on the Apple Watch too but of course they had to this.... Oh well

    • Anova

      Oh man, plus one to this. Typical Nintendo ridiculousness when it comes to trying to make mobile work.

      • jtfields

        You realize Nintendo doesn't make really have much to do with Pokemon Go, right?

      • Kloke

        Correct and they are banking on the plus. They are idiots because they are waiting so late to produce it.

        If done through in app purchase, they would get 1/4 of the prophet or was it 1/5? Either way, this device is purely them and will not be split but by not releasing with the game they have cost themselves what I assume would be millions at $40 each.

        Week of release I would have purchased 3, one for me, the wife and my 8 year old. Now I will purchase 0 as I am just not that interested now.

        I assume I am not the only one. This will go down as a huge loss though it will appear a gain.

  • sobriquet

    Did I get that right? Pokemon go is an app for Apple devices that actually works better when played on a hardware peripheral created by Nintendo. Sneaky.

    • Design by Adrian

      No, the peripheral doesn't have a screen.

      And Pokemon Go also exists on Android.

  • Tim Gross

    don't you get it? (^__-) they are releasing this after most people have stopped playing it- so they will get a second surge of d/ls that will in turn sell more pluses- I bet a big content update will happen at the same time-

    • Kloke

      My guess is the reason it was pushed back is to match the next set of Pokemon being pushed.