I've been waiting for the upcoming wargame Heroes of Normandie for quite some time now, but the wait is finally coming to an end as the game is set to release July 28th. After first appearing as a boardgame and then moving on to the PC, the game is finally coming to the App Store. The game doesn't try to realistically represent warfare but, instead, goes for a bombastic style reminiscent of classic Hollywood World War II movies. The game offers multiple campaigns and a skirmish mode along with multiplayer - which of course is the part I'm more excited about.

The game offers three different armies and three campaigns, plenty of units and weaponry and plenty more features. Recently, the game has received a major update that has added Actions Cards, which according to the developers significantly improve the gameplay as well as add more depth. The release date announcement also teases more panzer-related news about the game soon. I'm excited to try this one out, and I hope it's as good as I think it's going to be.

  • Ben

    One of my favorite things about Hearthstone is the animations of and interactions between essentially static pieces.

    This may scratch that same itch!

  • luckystrikeguy


  • Bloodangel

    Is this on iPhone too?

  • mzinn

    Finger hovering over the buy button until the 28th!

  • luckystrikeguy

    Yep universal! I had asked like 3 months ago about it coming to the phone and they didn't have plans at the time for it. Considering this is also a slitherine release I'm pretty surprised that it's universal