It was once impossible, but you can request new PokeStops, and to report PokeStops for various reasons, in Pokemon GO [Free]. The game's developer, Niantic, has created a support form where you can submit addresses to create new PokeStops or Gyms, either as a general request, or if there are none near you. As well, it's also possible to report a PokeStop if it's dangerous, if it's on your personal property, or if there's an issue with that location's PokeStop or gym.

Pokemon GO PokeStop Request Form

Niantic shut down the Ingress [Free] request system back in September 2015, and as such, all PokeStops and gyms were based on that game's database, submitted by users. It has been difficult to submit issues with PokeStops so far. We've seen Pokestops at places where people probably shouldn't be playing Pokemon GO, like at Arlington National Cemetery, or Auschwitz. As well, people's homes have become Pokestops, which has been a problem for people seeing large amounts of unwanted traffic at their homes. As well, it's possible – especially for suburban residents – to not have anywhere near them to actually play the game! Niantic seems set to change that and improve the game and its Pokestop/Gym locations.

  • Aitherios

    They're not actually accepting any new submissions. Thanks for the post though!

    • baldeagle86

      You clearly didn't read the article

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      • mapooo

        seems legit since you cant spell

      • Jennifer

        Prostidude is obviously play on words (a dude prostitute). Duh

      • Guest_47

        I learnt this the hard way, after making a terrible terrible mistake on Craiglist.

      • Shinka95

        Except the article is wrong, Baldeagle86.
        The form is for REPORTING PokeStop and Gyms, not creating them.

      • Grey Hammond

        Yes. You can report a business or landmark that isn't a PokeStop.

        This, in effect, is requesting it to be added.


      • spencerrrrrrrrrr

        directly from the form on niantic's website:

        "Please note, we are currently not accepting submissions for new PokéStops or Gyms.

        If you are having trouble finding PokéStops or Gyms near you, please try visiting a local park or other interesting or historical locations in your community."

      • Guest_47

        Sadly, you have a lot to learn about real life. Reporting something doesn't mean it will be read and acted upon. You obviously have never reported anything to the government before.

        Niantic probably have about 20 employees. How many do you think are dedicated to reviewing these requests? And how many requests do you think they receive a day?

    • Baby Nuggets


      Thanks for your interest in adding PokéStops and Gyms to Pokémon GO. While we’re not currently accepting new submissions, we’ll keep your city in mind in the future.

      - NianticOps

      Got this right after trying to request a new stop.

      • Gregory Kitchens

        Darn. Was hoping this was my chance to finally make friends. #foreveralone

      • Leslie Lunger Delp

        You don't need a virtual game to go outside and meet people. It's as easy as standing up, putting one foot in front of the other until you reach the door, and saying hi to the first person you see. It's amazing how many people will actually say hi back to you.

      • Woog

        Yes, and saying hi = being friends.

      • Sobert

        Like I can say hi to a stranger without having anxiety.

      • JohnSmith41

        I can imagine how this would go.
        Me: "Hi!"
        Person: "Hello!"
        Me: (following person around, thinking we are friends)
        Person: "Why are you following me?"
        Me: "We are friends now!"

      • Collin theBlue

        Lol so fun, but he would have called the cops by then,

      • Jenna McCratic

        It works for me ; )

      • Gregory Kitchens

        Gee mister you're so smart.

      • Guest_47

        I usually get the "Hi, now get loss creep, before I call the cops" response.

      • Jenna McCratic


      • Kailey Rice

        Seems you don't know much about social anxieties....

      • Diwash

        I am from nepal and i hab 2 pokestop but no gym in my place and now i feel that its worthless to play pokemon go with out gym. There is gym but its 1000 miles away from my

      • Coyoty

        The game hasn't been released to Nepal so that's to be expected.

      • Alexander Raindl

        Consider yourself lucky with 2 pokestops i dont have either a pokestop nor a gym in my area xD

      • Stelios Pasiardis

        Here in Cyprus, where the game has been officially released, there are no pokestops. Only in 3 cities. Like, WTF?! Am I supposed to play Pokemon Go only when I visit those cities? Cause I'm ALL OUT OF FCKIN POKEBALLS.

      • Guest_47

        I was feeling a bit annoyed at the office, because I could only access two Pokestops at the same time, while my colleagues on the other side of the building can access three and so got many more goodies than me. I also felt too lazy to visit three closest gyms that's 1-3 blocks away coz it's too hot during lunch. Now I feel quite lucky after reading your comments. I pass by over 50 Pokestops on my 20 mins journey to work.

        Many of my friends have Pokestops and gyms accessible from inside their homes! I can't access any from my home though.

      • DJVIRUS84

        Thank you

      • Mary Cris Paminiano

        Hi, may I know where i can submit request? thanks

  • torosama

    Ya this needs work badly. In my town of 1500 we have a park with 5 stops and a gym. That's a lot! We are connected to a larger town of 250k. Drove through it earlier and there was flipping nothing... No stops anywhere!! Then they have a park and it literally has 100+ stops and 5 gyms. Wtf!? The entire town of a quarter million people has to go to the one park. We went for fun and droves and drives of cars everywhere it looked like Woodstock. We stayed about 30 minutes and I collected 68 regular pokeballs and 32 supers. No idea how many other items. There seriously needs to be a better system for getting items.. At lvl 17 it is taking me like 6 balls to capture regular rats and pidgies if they don't just run off altogether. I may have to camp out at the park in town and max out my poke balls if this keeps up.

    • Nojuan Especial

      " At lvl 17 it is taking me like 6 balls to capture regular rats and pidgies if they don't just run off altogether."
      Does it get harder to catch pokemon as your level raises, or are you just doing something wrong? 😛

      • Tallgeese

        Harder as the level raises is what I've heard...

      • Mike B

        Definetly need a stop or gym in my town 🙁 henderson La. FitzNGuills New spot would be ideal.
        3002 Grand point high way henderson LA 70517

      • EmoD1nosaur

        As your trainer level increases, so does the possibility of running into Pokemon with higher CP in the wild, including Pokemon that already have low CP caps. Since the game decides the difficulty of any capture largely upon how close that Pokemon is to its current CP cap, even Pokemon that were considered weak in the handheld games can all of a sudden have more difficult capture rates than what we would normally expect from them.

        Just gotta stick it out until level 20 when you start pulling Ultra Balls from PokeStops.

      • Barry Mason

        Nah he's just doing something wrong, yes it does get harder but if you just keep throwing regular balls at them and not using berries then they will keep running away.

        I'm level 21 and catch most things in 5 balls or less.

  • Press2Play

    You just woke up then look outside the window and your house was sorrounded by people you don't know.Scary af.

  • sbnewsom

    I know I've seen people defend this game in regards to Pokemon go zombie insults...but how does this not make you a zombie? It's borderline hive mind of the lowest common denominator. Brainless people flocking to random locations to get their fix. It's not the fact I hate that this is popular. I hate the fact that such a simple and poorly made game is popular just because of a brand. People are literally zombies.

    • iPhallex

      I don't think that your comment will be very useful here. I play this game maybe 4 hours per week. I pay attention to where all the stops are and if they are worth hanging around or not. I have fun playing a new game that uses AR and GPS well. Please explain how that makes me a zombie.

      • RinoaHeartily

        He's just jelly Pokemon go isn't available in his country... Don't take his comments seriously

      • Makish Steam

        Im living in Russia and the game isn't available in my country, but I have pokestops in my city))

      • GreatWizard

        That's because he's so radical and non conformist. I do feel a bit of a carving for some brains though!

    • nini

      Sounds like you hate it because it's unworthy of being popular, if it was the game you wanted you'd hate being told you're a zombie, how is this different?

    • Nojuan Especial

      How does getting off your ass and walking around OUTSIDE make you MORE of a zombie than a regular game where you sit on your ass and blankly stare at a screen? Hive mind? It's a *game*
      Fffs, I think Rinoa is right, you're just salty PokemonGO isn't available where you are. If that's not the case, then you should go desiccate in a cave or something, killjoy.
      It's not popular because of the brand. It's popular because it's taking a multi-generationally beloved game and *letting you be the main character in the real world*.
      Also, that's not how you use "literally", dumb ass.

      • JamGela

        I couldnt care less if this was a Pokeman game. Have never even played any pokemon games. But this idea of collecting things while im already out exercising anyway! And i have seen so many 'obese' people at our local park searching for there pokemon and pokestops! The game isnt even fully launched yet so there are lots more additions to come. Seems very interesting to see where it goes!

      • Jennifer Lewis

        i love your comment about it getting us walking around outside... It bothers me to see my kids just sitting in front of the TV clicking a controller. This is getting me off my ass and I getting much needed exercise and Im enjoying it.

      • LauraLulu72

        You sort of have to wonder about them or pity them.

        Obviously they dislike the game, they insult the people who like the game.

        Yet their time is trolling article for a game they dislike so they can insult those that like the game.
        A troll with nothing better to do.

      • Verita Liberat

        Just joined this site to tell you that you win the Internets for the day, Nojuan, for your reply and its choice of vocabulary.

      • John Schott

        It doesn't make you a zombie until you're mindlessly walking around town, face in your phone, ignorant of your surroundings.

      • Mike

        Seems you have never heard of ingresss.. which is a five year old game and has millions upon millions of users.. many of said users play both now... natural progression

    • Jonathan Gantz

      other people have already done enough, but yea dont mistake being excited for something and motivated to get it for being a "zombie'.

      people do it cus its fun, its far from mindless. You are confusing "motivation" for "mindlessness"

      but yea i'm actually just writing this to help other decent people tell of the jerks who hate it when other people like things they dont.

    • jarland

      I know man! People out getting exercise, being social, meeting new people, playing fun games. It's darn near disgusting. I wish they would stay at home and hate on things in comments instead like a true hero.

    • jason

      are you a fat ass?..or just unsocial?? this game is great for the kids that stay in front of a tv or video game all day, they can play a game and actually have to walk/exercise..there are lots of good things that can come from this game for starters family walks (exercise), historical markers promote (education), Teams promote (socialization) and businesses gain customers (economy)

    • Rachel Hall

      I've walked miles playing this game, exercise. I've driven to parks I wouldn't normally go to, new experiences. I've talked to people playing this game at places I've been, meeting new people. It has a lot of benefits.

    • Charl van der Merwe

      haha, shame, don't be salty. Just let people enjoy it instead of being a negative wanker.

    • Austin Foster

      People are literally too stupid to use words they know the meaning of.

    • Yep

      Sbnewsom- stop trolling. No one cares what you "think". Go troll somewhere else.

  • Kaylee

    There is a pokestop in the middle of the road leading off a military base. Very dangerous. There are also pokestops in restricted areas of the base. So it's been banned to play by my home.

    When we were out today, we noticed several that were right in front of homes. One in the ER parking lot and one at the police station. Lol. They should really reconsider where some of these spots are located.

    • Heather Nicole Mattingly

      At the time they had no real control. These portals (which became stops) were created by ingress players (hackers). Now they can remove them.

    • Coyoty

      You don't have to be right on top of a pokestop to use it. You can get near enough from a safe place.

      • Sobert

        But the pokestop might be very inside the base far away that you have to go inside which is a problem

      • Coyoty

        You don't HAVE to. Go to a different pokestop. No problem. There are plenty.

  • Эмиль Аднаев

    How to create pokestop in Russia?

    • disqus_NhhQqJ3imn

      you go to a certain place and yell cyka blyat idi nahui and it should pop up

  • jagurus

    Has anyone tried the trick of getting lots of Pokemon yet?

  • Mohammed

    I want to create a pokestop at my cafe (india, Bengaluru )

    • Jeff Presnail


  • Russel Hornbeek

    I'm a nonprofit and would like to find a way to submit through the company. Any help?

  • GaMeR_ChIcK210

    I would like to request a pokestop for my property in the future if possible.

  • Sobert

    My cousins family has a pokestop inside their restaurant(it's their fountain) and ever since it launched they got a lot more busy since the town has few pokestops in their area. So its really nice

  • ScottaHemi

    i could see some potential good spots for pokestops in my home town, mostly the community center.

    also another near town has a stop for the post office

    but it's in the wrong place.

  • Shail Thapa

    Why Pokémon go banned in Nepal ..we want to play

  • Shail Thapa

    Don't banned Pokémon go in Nepal

  • Arindam Dutta

    In India there are no poke stop or no gym location is bongaon korar bagan west Bengal, please

  • Raul

    need a gym pokemon in Torla because the people who come to this town and there is only one pokeparada . We need to put something else.

  • Erik Birchwood

    I have a major problem i have copd which makes it hard for me to walk along way to get my a pokestop so that i can enjoy the game mpre would like to see if some way i could get one closer to me like at the mailbox where it only takes me walking about 50ft to get too can someone help me out with this request.

  • Aaryen Sharma

    Please add pokestop and gym in bahadurgarh near railway road . please!!
    There is only one pokestop in bahadurgarh .. But not a single gym .. I request you sir!...
    If you can't do this .. Tell me . i might stop playing this game fir this reason only..

  • Aleš Jelerčič

    How to make a PokeStop? here where i live are only 2 gym

    but ok we need a PokeStop

  • Đức Triều

    we need pokeshop and gym for remote areas , particularly in the provinces of Gia Nghia town - country DakNong- Vietnam . we need care.

  • ershad

    My citys in 6-7 pokestop plz created maximum pokestop in virar east from india maharashtra mumbai (virar) pin -401305 plz created new pokestop in virar plz I love this game plz sir I requested ...thank you

  • Christine Conner

    i would like shiny Pokemon in Pokemon go

  • Sahil Sohtra

    Plz create a pokestop in leharka.amritsar

  • Arun Kumar

    There is no pokeystops or gym near neendakara...please put one

  • Aravindhseven M

    How to create pokestop

  • Aashu Tiwari

    Gwalior Naka Chandra badni neher wali Mata Pakistop plzzzz

  • Aashu Tiwari

    Create apokistop

  • Prathamesh Pendam

    why they are not accepting any request for pokestop