Back in October of last year, the two-brother team known as Rossman Bros Games released the frightfully difficult and highly underrated auto-runner Jump Jack [$0.99], which was a passion project completed in the brothers' free time and also was based on an actual bedtime story Eric Rossman would tell his son Jack. Well, this past April, the bros announced their next mobile project, a more traditional-style action platformer called Get Me Outta Here. Since that announcement, the bros have been dropping little snippets of info and some very early teasers of the game in our forums, but today they released the first actual gameplay video of Get Me Outta Here in an early alpha state, and I am now tingling with excitement after watching it. Not that I wasn't tingling from the teasers, but this video kicked the tingling into overdrive. Ok, enough about tingling, check out the vid.

There is so much great stuff going on in that trailer it's hard to talk about it all. You play as a bald, mustachioed, bushy eyebrow'd man who gets abducted by aliens and has to blast his way off their ship. I love the animations and expressions of the main character, and the little details like his boxers poking out of the back of his hospital gown when he aims upwards. The real draw is the gameplay though, which seems fast-paced and tight. The rolling mechanic looks especially cool, as do the kickback element of your weapon and the overheat meter at the bottom that adds to the strategy. The bros briefly mention Contra as an inspiration and I can see it. Get Me Outta Here looks exactly like my cup of tea, and it should be heading into beta fairly soon with a vague fall release date planned. As mentioned, there's plenty of cool .gifs and information in the game's forum thread, and I'll definitely be keeping my eye on how this one shapes up.

  • Markaroni💯


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  • RossmanBrosGames

    What a great surprise! Thanks for the article Jared. Glad you caught all the little details 😀

    • boydstr

      Gonna try it out for sure, l😄😃ks real nice.

      • RossmanBrosGames

        Thanks! Not decided on pricing structure yet. However if it is Free it will be a more premium style free. No consumable IAP, no pay to win, no mandatory ads, basically you would get the main game for free with the ability to purchase some really cool bonus content. Our target audience will be people who prefer premium (or pay once) kind of games 😀.

      • boydstr

        Thanks for the info,looking forward to the final game
        Greetzz from the Netherlands,Boyd

  • Gurney Halleck

    Why do I get a tiny bit of a Xenophobe vibe? Awesome!

    • RossmanBrosGames

      Thanks! And just looked up Xenophobe. (Somehow never had heard of it before) Looks fun now I wanna play it!

  • NicoPWD

    Is anybody else having trouble with Apple App Store? I can't update my app or download any new games right now.

  • garbui

    I was incredibly confused when I saw this because I read "from the Makers of Junk Jack" and Junk Jack is already a platformer...


  • melvin2898

    looks fun!

    • RossmanBrosGames