One of the tricky issues that arrived with the Apple TV reveal last year was that Apple suddenly required developers to use the Siri Remote for games, instead of allowing for games to require controllers. This led to ridiculous circumstances where games had to finagle together a barely-functional Siri Remote control scheme in order to get on the Apple TV. Modern Combat 5 [Free] was one ridiculous example:

Modern Combat 5 Siri Remote

It was a problem, for sure. The good news is that this appears to no longer be the case in future tvOS versions, as new guidelines say that developers can require the use of game controllers. This differs from iOS, where developers must provide touchscreen controls.

This is a bit disappointing as there are some games that are out on Android like Hotline Miami that require controllers, and have no plausible touchscreen or remote controls that would otherwise work on iOS or tvOS platforms. But now, it appears Apple has made a sensible policy decision for the good of Apple TV gaming. Some games just shouldn't require the Siri Remote.

  • noteatino

    So there's people playing Modern Combat 5 on the Apple TV with the Siri remote? Hahahahhaa.

    • islesfan

      Yeah, just try NBA 2K16 with it! Of course, Zen Pinball is just impossible with Siri Remote. Swipe right for right flipper and left for left flipper. Good luck there! Unfortunately, the MFi controller lags just enough to make pinball unplayable on AppleTV anyway.

  • toddfsu

    I was busy at work and missed it live, but this is the feature I wanted most. Seeing Controller Optional wording in the App Store this week. Made me think it'll start saying controller required, and today it's official. Finally better games should arrive. Bring in Minecraft!

  • Steve @ Baran Cont.

    Yeah... Warcher Defenders on Apple TV FTW! =D

  • Aaron C


  • Daniel J

    Apple has one more issue to salve with gaming on the AppleTV: Multi-user logins. It does not make sense for the whole family to share the same gaming progression. Some apps support multiple saves, but many devs just port their game from iOS not thinking about the fact that the AppleTV is not a personal device.

    • Spore Productions

      Yeah. And that's further complicated by the lack of local storage. Those save profiles have to live on "iCloud".