I like playing card games and also enjoy The Witcher universe (both the books and the recent games). So, I was intrigued to see everyone who played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt loving Gwent, Geralt's favorite card minigame. I've been hoping we would see the game spun off as a standalone game, and judging from a recent trademark filing, a Gwent game might indeed become reality. On June 6th, Witcher developer, CD Project, filed a trademark application in Europe for a game called Gwent The Witcher Card Game. So, it's not a stretch to say that CD Project is at least considering developing Gwent as a standalone game. I suspect the game will be free to play, and I would be very surprised if it doesn't find its way to mobile since CD Project has already released a (not very successful) Witcher MOBA game on mobile.


If you haven't heard anything about Gwent in the past, know that it's a very popular minigame in the extremely popular The Witcher 3 game. Gwent offers four factions - each with its own combat style - along with some clever mechanics, and players have been really enjoying playing it. You can watch the video below to see how it plays, and as you can see, it already looks like a standalone game. Hopefully, CD Project will indeed develop the game, and we'll be playing it on our mobile phones before too long.

  • http://javatune.co drunk_vader

    Yes!!!!! That's all I wanted since the release of The Witcher 3, a standalone Gwent game for mobile.

    • kay8621

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  • jsrco

    This game was extremely fun and I am happy that they released the box set of the cards at least. This would be awesome for mobile.

  • PallaZ

    Well, it was a fine addition to the game. But as a standalone card game vs other card games it is just mediocre.

    • Tallgeese

      @_n[[]]n_@ "Ugh, MEDIOCRE!"

  • Tinsel

    I enjoy Gwent so much that I often play it on TableTop Simulator. I can't wait for a mobile version!

  • yourbestguest

    I would play this, curious how they will expand the game's depth

  • Coxi

    Gwent is the best in-game-mini-game ever.

  • one.sixty.four

    Gwent is awesome, and it'd be cool to see it on mobile, but a big part of the fun for me, at least, is traveling through the countryside, stumbling on a small village the trying to play the local inn keep for his card. I feel like torn out of the universe, it might lose a little bit of the magic.