Get ready for more DC superheroes to battle each other. The existence of Injustice 2 has leaked out ahead of the game's release thanks to some GameStop incompetence. Polygon got a tip of the game's existence due to some preorder posters for the game getting sent to stores, and an employee sending a photo to Gamestop. Their authenticity was seemingly confirmed by Ed Boon of NetherRealm, who seems to be not too pleased with GameStop! Interestingly, another GameStop employee shared a photo of the posters, and a comment that someone forgot to put a street date on the posters, likely around the game's probably annoucement at E3 next week. Whoops!

Injustice 2 Poster

The question is how will mobile play into Injustice 2? The first Injustice [Free] remains a top-grossing title – #121 in the US iPhone top grossing as of publication, Marvel Contest of Champions [Free] uses a similar business model to great success, and Mortal Kombat X [Free] hit mobile around the console game's release. But would there be a new game, or just updates to the original? We'll hopefully find out soon enough.

  • rag66628

    I can accept the fact that Injustice/MKX are "free" games. But no actual gameplay in these so called "games" makes me sick. I understand that touchscreen devices are not the happiest choice for playing a fighting game but releases such as: SF IV, SFxTK, KoF, Garou - those show that a fighter with simplified controls can be enjoyable. I don't need another tap, tap, tap festival.
    Unfortunately I'm also aware that I'm a minority regarding this point of view...:/

    • WaveLightGames

      I've never cared for the gameplay (or lack thereof) in these kinds of games either.

      • eileenjmalcolm85957997

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    • Save it

      If there are releases such as SF IV, SFxTK, KoF, Garou that, quote, "show that a fighter with simplified controls can be enjoyable", why not just play them?

      Free or not, nobody is forcing you to download Injustice (2).

      • rag66628

        I am guessing that comprehensive reading is a tough task here? There I was, thinking that it only happens in my Country:)
        Where do I state I don't play those?
        I guess it's too much to ask for yet another proper fighter ported to mobile hmmm...? And lastly, how can you call a game something that doesn't even allow you to take control of a chosen character?

        You do realise that accepting the current state of affairs (games/apps usually oriented towards dummies, f2p crap etc.) will in the long term affect also other gaming sectors (console and pc) ?

    • Jared Nelson

      As someone who played several of these games for multiple years, these types of comments are exclusively from people who never bothered playing more than 5 minutes. No, they aren't traditional fighting games, but they do take skill and strategy despite being simplified.

      • DanteIX

        Plus there are traditional fighting games in the App Store that isn't as big. Obviously this model has won out since there are more clones of this and Marvel then the Street Fighter style games.

      • Tallgeese

        Not exclusively, I played that Marvel champions game for quite awhile, and just because the easy fighter "won out" doesn't mean it was the better form of entertainment. People don't like mobile games because PC and console games are being negatively impacted by more people playing mobile games and developers switching gears to follow the market.

    • DanteIX

      Street Fighter IV got its last update in 2014, Injustice is celebrating its 3rd anniversary. In 3 years that game had its engine changed and characters added on regular basis. Even its gameplay modes where altered.

      It's simple controls didn't win fans, it's developer being constantly involved made the difference. Your old school comparison is Tekken. With every character beating story mode a new alt was unlocked. Image that over the course of 3 freaking years. Plus you never hear people complaint no one going around with a hoop and stick anymore because people's gaming taste does change with the times.

  • Enker

    The story mode in the original Injustice was a DC fanboys dream - hopefully the sequel will be just as good on that front.

  • Sabaki

    These are more card collection games with fighting elements than an actual fighting game.

    I'm addicted to Immortals and it has everything to do with collecting the cards and gear.

  • JetLinerSaw

    Hilarious that a group of individuals will take the leaking of a real video game meant to actually please it's players, and get excited about another free to pay tap extravaganza mimic. These are hardly games.

  • DanteIX

    It's time, burn the 1st one to the ground already. It's so full of hackers it's ridiculous. Plus the new toons always beat the "old" powerhouses. I want a switch to Marvel's system. Can't move around would add new to system.