I remember way back in high school my friends being into a web game called Kingdom of Loathing, an absurd MMORPG that featured crudely-drawn stick figures, but was a surprisingly deep experience. And somehow, Kingdom of Loathing is apparently still a thing in 2016. It is such a thing that a spinoff download game is being made called West of Loathing, and it's coming to desktop and iOS in 2017. Check out the trailer:

Don't let the game's look fool you. The idea is that this is a big, sprawling open-world RPG with a ton of places to explore and quests to go on. It just has stick figures and character classes such as "Cow Puncher." The plan is for this to release sometime in 2017, and you can vote the game up on Steam Greenlight right now. And if you never got into Kingdom of Loathing, the plan is for West of Loathing to be a standalone, self-contained, downloadable, singleplayer experience.

  • IAP-king

    I'm mad I have never heard of kingdom of loathing until now.

  • Themagicjesus

    Oh awesome. Loved KoL

  • Enker

    Hell yes! And was that a glimpse of a tactical battle system grid too?

  • vonknut

    Kingdom of loathing
    Is indeed a great game
    Wanting it badly

    -remember the KOL-etiquette of keeping all dialogue about it in haiku 🙂

    • ValentiaLyra

      It IS a great game.
      Writing in Haiku is fun.
      I want the game, too.

  • vonknut

    Too bad I can't be a seal-clubber in the new game 🙂