I enjoy seeing promising upcoming games pop up in our forums, and A Trail is surely one of them, especially if you're a fan of games like Geometry Dash [$1.99]. A Trail is a fast paced 2D platformer where you guide your little cube through various levels. The twist in the formula is you have two buttons; Jump and Concentrate. While the first is self-explanatory (I hope), the second is the more interesting one since it decreases your little cube's size. At the start of the game and in any idle moment, the Blob's size increases. When you tap and hold the Concentrate button, Blob decreases while simultaneously increasing its speed; once you let go, it increases in size while slowing down. What this mechanic does is let the player go either for a fast but riskier run or a slower but safer one. And since your score depends on how many times you die, playing it safe can be rewarding.

A Trail

The other part of A Trail that caught my attention is the art style. The game is going with a canvas-like level design with the player's character resembling a moving blob of color. As you move across the level, your leave paint on the background and paint drips on the platforms. And when you die, you splatter paint all over the place. These paint marks stay there for subsequent runs but get lighter in color with each death while your character gets darker. When you finish a level, you get to see your run as a painting, which is a very lovely touch. The developers hope to release in June, and the game will be premium with no IAPs outside extra levels. Check the forum page here for more info.

A Trail

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