AppStoreIconAs you might remember, Rodeo Games is currently on hiatus after the poor performance of their last big project Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch [$1.99], but that hasn't stopped the studio's Creative Director Ben Murch from starting up a new company with a fellow game industry friend and putting out a new title on mobile. The new company is called Perchang, and that just so happens to be the name of their first game, too. In fact, after initially announcing the project on our forums late last month, it was our community who helped Perchang decide that that should be the title of their clever new puzzle game. How helpful! Perchang the game has you guiding balls across a level and through a slew of crazy contraptions, like fans, gears, cannons, seesaws, and more. Each object is either colored red or blue, and a set of red and blue buttons at the bottom of the screen will activate the machines of the color you press. Your job is to time things just right as to activate the machines at the right times and safely get the balls into the goal. Check out the trailer for Perchang.

Not only do I think Perchang is a super clever idea, but holy moly that's a seriously gorgeous game for a puzzler like this. It has a really sleek and modern look, like it's some sort of freaky puzzle game people play in the world of Portal or Mirror's Edge. As mentioned, there's some discussion already taking place about Perchang in our forums, so be sure to check that out, and look for Perchang to hit the App Store sometime late this month or in early June.

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    Looks cool! Gotta have... balls to play this 😀

  • bigrand1

    I'm loving the looks of this and the thought-provoking music too! Definitely excited about grabbing this one! Looks like my kind of game! Very clever! I'm in! 😎

  • mattohara

    into it! watching and waiting!

  • Saxon
    • Adams Immersive

      I thought the same thing. Not a bad thing! (And not the same, just reminiscent.)

      • Saxon

        I know, I loved that game!

  • Cccee

    Loved Marble Madness on my PC years ago. Can't wait for this one!!

  • skylined87

    Holy crap that looks good! 😃👏🏻

  • kearnel

    This looks amazing, hope rodeo games aren't dead too, would love a hunters 3

  • ValentiaLyra


  • James Cameron

    Looks good, real good