A few weeks ago Nimblebit announced they were in the midst of creating a massive update for their mega-hit tower building game Tiny Tower [Free] in anticipation of its 5-year anniversary. At that time they were seeking beta participants to try out the new update, and apparently that testing has gone well as today Nimblebit announced that the 5th Anniversary Edition of Tiny Tower will be available on May 26th. As mentioned before, this update will include improved visuals, streamlined tower manageent, tons of new missions and floors to build, and even the ability to share Bitizens between friends.


It's crazy to think that it's been almost 5 years since the original Tiny Tower launched. I have spent more time than I'd care to know building up towers and managing a community of Bitizens. However, with the original Tiny Tower, the sequel Tiny Tower Vegas [Free], and even the ill-fated Tiny Death Star, I always got to a point where I lost interest or my tower got so huge it became more of a chore to play. I'm hoping this injection of new content will reinvigorate my love for Tiny Tower. If you're in the same boat or you simply missed the Tiny Tower phenomenon that began almost 5 years ago, then check out the 5th Anniversary Edition update on May 26th.


    Ooooioo... Can't wait. That new stock feature looks promising.

    • FrehleyzComet

      It is awesome! No more tedious stocking floors individually. Best part of the update. πŸ™‚

  • Jakeopp

    Bout time it got updated visuals lol

  • FortyOneNY

    Participating in the beta renewed my interest in both this and TT Vegas. I hope they bring the 5th anniversary TT to Android so I can make a second 'travel' tower. πŸ™‚

  • cowtruck123

    Who proofreads the articles before they are posted?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Diligent commenters.

      • IAP-king

        Can confirm

  • baldeagle86

    The beta is awesome, you'll be able to play TT for a very looong time to come. HUGE THANKS to the Nimblebros for revisiting this classic!

  • vicsark

    I love the update in beta so far.
    I played my old tower on the iPad, and a new game on my iphone.
    I would advise those who have accumulated a big stash of coins and bux to spend them before updating.
    It's way easier to get Bux, but most prices have increased a lot, so better build those floors and buy the Infinilift elevator before updating πŸ˜‰

  • dixie

    Can't wait

  • Qwazz Bre

    I might restart the game when this comes out. Last time I ended up quitting out of frustration thanks to crashing - I'd open the app, get a tally of time/gold earned while I was gone, the app would then immediately crash and when starting it up again the aforementioned gold/time earned is gone.

    It annoyed me enough to make me drop the game, even though I still enjoy it. Crashes are often my number one zero-tolerance thing when it comes to iOS games.

  • Trentos

    So close!