I think it's fair to say that Mucho Taco [Free] is the preeminent taco-themed idle clicker available on the App Store today. No others even come close, or exist at all, for that matter. Anyway, with Cinco de Mayo looming developers One Simple Idea and publisher Noodlecake have decided to release a massive update for Mucho Taco which adds all sorts of new stuff while also overhauling some of the existing content. Some of the major new features include: a special new map and ritual system that allow for multiple prestiges/play throughs, a new relic system that allow you to permanently augment the look and performance of your restaurants, a new Offline Chef system so you can manage your taco empire even when you're not playing, and of course plenty of new ingredients as well as new ways to use existing ingredients.

The new features listed above are really just the beginning too, as version 2.0 of Mucho Taco will also include things like stats and achievements, the chance for a bonus try on Mucha Suerte appropriately titled Extra Mucha Suerte, new items in the shop, and more. We found Mucho Taco quite enjoyable in our review when the game launched last September, but we won't argue with tons of new content being added via this new update. Mucho Taco hasn't seen much love since its Carnaval update back in January, so if you're craving some new stuff in your taco clicker then check out this big version 2.0 update later this week on Cinco de Mayo.

  • Reydn

    Why the Brazilian Carnival dancer for the icon? Brazilians don't eat tacos and they don't speak Spanish 😊

    • Nemmox ®

      She's not a Bazilian dancer, she is a Carnaval Dancer, she looks like but she is diferent in all aspect.

      Besides, you people dont known anything about the real mexican tacos. You known and eat only the US Tacos but not the REAL TACOS of Mexico City.

      • IAP-king

        I dunno man Taco Bell seems pretty authentic

      • ceszar

        Man, she have a Brazilian flag in her head, colors of Brazil too

    • ceszar

      Reydn is right, I'm from Brasil

    • http://noodlecake.com Ryan Noodle

      The Carnival dancer was all done for Apples Carnival feature last year. They wanted to featured Mucho Taco in LatAM and other countries for Carnival and as such, requested a bunch of Carnival themed content for the game. The Cinco De Mayo update will bring it back to Mexican form 🙂