If we are to believe a trademark filing, Starfield might be the next Bethesda mobile game. In case you missed Bethesda's mobile adventures, a few months back Bethesda decided to make a fun mobile game called Fallout Shelter, based on its Fallout franchise, possibly as a promotional tool for the then-unreleased Fallout 4 game. And the game took off and made so much money that Bethesda was caught unprepared, failing to quickly offer more content to the Fallout-hungry crowds. So, it's probably fair to say that the company will be developing more mobile games and hoping to grab the mobile world's attention once more like it did with Fallout Shelter.


Well, according to a recent trademark filling by Bethesda's parent company, ZeniMax, that next mobile game might be called Starfield. This name has been floating around Bethesda for the last three years, with the first three trademark applications covering areas such as PC and console games and T-shirts, but this last one is specifically for mobile games. So, it's quite possible that Starfield will be an upcoming Bethesda mobile game. It might be that Starfield ends up being a PC/Console game like Fallout with a mobile tie-in like Fallout Shelter, so we'll see. We have no further information on this, and this might all end up being just a name that never realizes into an actual game, so for now file this one under speculations.

[via Gamespot]

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  • boydstr

    Fallout😄 mobile tie-in like Fallout Shelter🤔

  • bpcookson

    Definitely one for my watch list!

  • hourglass

    Fallout in space, maybe? Sign me up!

  • Jeremy Alexander

    It's both. They are going to unveil the epic sci-fi rpg at this E3 and a mobile tie in that will be playable that night, just like Fallout shelter.

  • Rob

    I'll gladly take that, I'm getting tired of fantasy settings in games especially RPGs and especially open world RPGs to be even more specific. As far as I know there's never been a true open world sci fi rpg, the closest you get is mass Effect and Deus ex and those arent really open. This needs to happen. I have to imagine building a sci Fi world that big based around exploration has to be an absolute nightmare. It essentially means you have to come up with new futuristic ideas, tech and infrastructure around every corner and that HAS to be incredibly time consuming ......no wonder it hadn't been done yet .