We've had a thread brewing in our forums for the upcoming Rush Rally 2 for a while now, and we just heard this morning that the game is complete and they're trying to figure out a launch date. While things firm up, the developers are saying they hope to release the game sometime in May, but aren't really getting specific beyond that just yet. There is, however, a brand new trailer which looks really awesome:

The feature list is pretty impressive, kicking off by saying the game will run at 60fps and have over 72 tracks across multiple game modes including Rally Championship and Rallycross modes. Right now there's 8 different cars, MFi controller support, and realistic physics gathered from "real car telemetry data." The dev team has over a decade of experience building racing games, so I'm thinking it's appropriate to get excited for this one. For more information on the game, hit up their web site, or just keep your eyes peeled on TouchArcade.


    I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the beta for this racing/rally simulation and I can say it is unequivocally one of the most incredible racing games I have ever experienced!

    It truly gives you those rare gaming moments that cause you to realize just how amazing it is to be alive in this digital age! Hard to believe all this goodness fits in my pocket!!!

    Amazing amazing stuff!

  • Stephen Brown

    Thanks guys! I can't wait to release this to the world!

    Its also worth nothing that it will be a premium product with no IAP on launch. Download size is a mere 56Mb (110Mb installed) so you won't have to free up much space to install it!

    ...the 73rd Track in the game is the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb, all 12.42Miles of it!

    • Chq

      Sounds unreal.

      • Stephen Brown

        Its achieved because the whole game is procedurally generated at run time! The install data is mainly made up of cars and lots of textures to generate the track and terrain. Pikes Peak is purely a spline pulled from online map data with an accompanying height map to fit. Most of the other tracks are generated from a few numbers in the code, or from NURBS splines.

        What's even more unreal is that on the "top end" phones this is all generated when it loads, which also takes about 1 second! (A little bit longer though for the 12.42 Mile Pikes Peak course!)

      • fabianb

        Didn't Beta test it myself but I'm following the progress from time to time. Will buy the game for sure. 🙂

    • DOOM

      No IAP? Sold.

      • nkarafo

        I agree !!

  • Pyroknight


  • GSport

    I am so pleased to read this!!!!!! I love rally!!!! I can't wait to get this! Please tell me it will also be available on Apple TV... Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Oh yeah! Did I say thank you?

  • GSport

    I just saw the Apple TV logo! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

    • Stephen Brown

      It will be on Apple TV yes! You can play on both mobile and apple TV and the saves are shared too!

  • Redman5006

    Will the game have a top down view like the first version of Rush Rally?

    • Stephen Brown

      Not in this version, it just didn't feel right with the full simulation handling in place.

      • Redman5006

        Too bad, thanks.

  • icoker

    will there be cockpit view?

    • Stephen Brown

      Only bonnet and chase cams at the moment (If it does really well then this is on the list to do!)