Every week when we post the new games, there's always at least one person commenting asking where the hell Granblue Fantasy is. The game is a social RPG with some Final Fantasy heavy hitters behind the wheel, and first got news that it would be coming to the west back at TGS last year. Originally it was supposed to be released in March, but, well, considering it's April now, they obviously missed that window. We got a pretty solid clue that it's coming very soon in the form of an update hitting that adds the English localization to the existing Japanese version of the game.

screen322x572-9 granblue_english

Considering Granblue Fantasy is already late, it seems reasonable to think that we might see it as early as this week? Either way, if you've got an account for the Japanese App Store you can grab the game right now and switch it to English. Otherwise, I'm confident in saying it likely won't be too long before you can just grab the game with your normal US account.

Japanese App Store Link: Granblue Fantasy, Free
Japanese Google Play Link: Granblue Fantasy, Free

  • imuddy

    Isnt this game that cost some Japanese guy $8000 to get the character he wanted?

    • Iyka

      Wow.. with that money i can fill my apartment full of krispy kreme donuts, and buy a used car and fill that one with donuts as well. *heavy breathing*

      • Modjular

        That's oddly specific. I guess know who to go to next time I calculate the budget for my filling-used-cars-with-donuts business.

      • CodeREd

        Tell me more

    • Icarusu

      He wasted the money to try to get the character he wanted, and he didn't get, the devs then made a crystal give away so everyone could have free 10x pulls.
      And yes the RNG in this game is hellish but not as FGO's RNG.

      • iota-09

        they also limited the maximum tries for a single character to 300 before the rng automatically gives it(800-ish dollars)

  • Joshua Woodward

    *shrug* I'll stick with Kingdom Hearts Unchained... That and once FFXI Mobile drops, I'm clearing my phone to make room for that one.

    • VidGamrJ

      Any current news on XI mobile?

      • Joshua Woodward

        Sadly no... I check daily. I want to be first off the mark for anything ground breaking, names, beta stuff, etc.

    • Tito Piccolo


      • Joshua Woodward

        Final Fantasy XI Mobile.

  • ItouchBrett

    So if I start progress with my jap account and it came out in US store I assume my info and data would xfer over?

  • Jak Constantine

    Well they pretty much lied about the international release or when it's going to be released. Stupid why do an English patch for the Japanese version only? Granted they are Japanese people who speak English, but that isn't their native language.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Development delays happen, seems weird to call them missing their release window by a few weeks a "lie," but, hey, whatever.

      • Jak Constantine

        I was more on about the English patch rather than an international release, but it could be out this week so who knows.

      • Daniel Schroeder

        This may come as a shock, but there are also native English speakers in Japan (or at least with Japanese AppStore accounts).

      • Aewyn

        It's faster when played in a browser than with the app anyways. And it's really smart for them to release on the same server...less chance of either version shutting down if you have a large population. I played Global Chain Chronicle for over a year before it shut down, but the Japanese version is going strong. This is a very reassuring way for them to implement this, from my perspective.

  • Montanx HS

    so is this like a brave frontier style squad game? Is i good?

    • Icarusu

      Its pretty good, not brave frontier but similar to final fantasy.

  • baldeagle86

    Their wiki says release is the 11, so take that for whatever it means. This week would be nice though. I tried the Japanese version and it was some sort of browser style app, never experienced that before and hope it's more of a "traditional app" west side.

  • Guin

    It's not like getting the app itself is rocket science. A simple google search is all you need. The sheer entitlement of some people...

  • AdamBoy64

    I've heard good things about Granblue Fantasy.
    Might give it a try someday.

  • Ian Libo

    I doubt they'd ever do an international release considering how many collabs they do. It would be harder to get the rights for said collabs outside of Japan so...

  • HartAttack87

    Hmm, old article. Guess we are still waiting.