Gameloft’s take on a freemium city builder infused with Disney magic is an excellent title for those that interested in anything related to the House of Mouse. Yet, similar to other similar titles, Disney Magic Kingdoms does possess some nuance to the way it handles its timer based gameplay. We’ve been playing it quite a bit in order to build our ideal Disney park (hint, it doesn’t involve putting the Astro Orbiters in front of the entrance to Tomrorowland) and have a few tips to impart for those looking to build without resorting to IAP.

Prioritize Character Level-ups Over Buildings Initially

Magic Kingdoms takes page from titles such as Avengers Academy with its character leveling system. In the case of Magic Kingdoms, leveling up your individual characters unlock additional activities for them to do (which are sometimes required to complete quests), as well as new buildings to construct (again, sometimes required for quests). Leveling up a character for quest-related purposes seems like an obvious reason to dedicate your Magic resources towards that over buildings but there are other reasons to do so as well. For example, you want to unlock as many activities as possible simply to have a varied activity portfolio for different time slots, and new activities have the potential to unlock new and different items for character development.


In General, Start Leveling Up Characters When You’ve Earned All Items To Do So

This goes hand in hand with the above tip, but it’s important to mention separately nonetheless. Whenever you have the opportunity to upgrade a character (and assuming you have ample Magic to do so), I suggest you take the time to do so. There’s a few reasons that it makes sense to do it as expediently as possible. First, there are the reasons I already outlined above (unlocking new activities, e.t.c.). Second, when a character is ready to be upgraded, you’re no longer allowed to stockpile character specific items in your inventory. That means that activities that would typically earn those items will no longer earn anything other than Magic and Experience. Thus, it’s almost as if you’re missing out on potential inventory items every time you complete such an activity without upgrading your characters.

Avoid Optional Land Clears Initially

As you get further into Magic Kingdoms, you’ll eventually get to a point where you can unlock additional plots of land that aren’t tied to immediate quests (i.e. they won’t fill your quest log and you won’t get any magic or experience points for unlocking them). You’ll also see that these land plots are pretty expensive compared to the pieces of land that are part of the story. At least at the onset, I’d highly suggest avoiding these optional unlocks unless you really have an uncontrollable desire to perfectly space out your park and you have an excessive amount of magic. Otherwise, you’re far better off saving that Magic for story-based buildings and character level-ups.


Timer Management 101

Every freemium builder game inevitable requires a primer on common sense timer management. If you’ve done a good job upgrading your characters, you’ve hopefully developed a decent activity portfolio for each character, allowing you to be able to adequately plan out extended enough activities depending on how long you plan on being away from the game (for example, making sure you set up 8 or 12 hour timers right before bed). In general, the longer the activity the less magic and experience per hour is actually rewarded so if you plan on engaging with the game during the game it may make more sense to schedule more 1 or 2 hour long activities instead of the longer ones.

One exception to the above rule may be if you’re specifically looking for an item that can only be earned by a certain activity. At that point, you simply have to do a business case analysis as to whether or not Magic accumulation efficiency or character-item accumulation is more useful to your current expansion plans. In my view Magic accumulation almost always takes precedence but if you’re really close to a quest completion it may make more sense to deviate pursue the items instead.

Check Out the Special Events

This sounds kind of obvious, but keep an eye out for special events in-game, and be sure to take advantage of them for an easy to earn extra magic. For example, a recent event rewarded players for logging in multiple times a day and tapping on black crows that had infiltrated their respective kingdoms. Sounds simple, but with rewards up to 5000 magic, it’s well worth logging in simply to contribute.


Gem Tips

While the majority of the guide obviously focuses on non-IAP tips, for folks that plan on dabbling with the games premium currency here are a few tips:

First off, on occasion, keep in mind that there are several characters in the game that can only be unlocked with gems. They are not story-related characters so the game won’t you to continue to unlock them, but they can unlock additional quests and they usually offer activities to unlock rarer items for other characters. On occasion, Magical Kingdoms may offer you limited time discounts to purchase the characters (along with gems) on the cheap. If you get such an offer I recommend taking it. Otherwise, if you end up with extra gems, I recommend picking up characters before going for new buildings.

Once you’ve unlocked the premium characters, the next thing you’d want to unlock are premium attractions that may accompany those characters. The reason for that is there are most likely certain activities that will only be available if those attractions are built (they also get nicer than usual building bonuses).


Finally, gems can be unlocked to expand your daily parade option (which allows you to spend a bunch of magic to launch a parade that has a chance to reward magic, gems and character items). The gem investment is a one-time deal and can be worth it to make the parades much more lucrative in the long term.

It is unfortunate that there’s quite a bit that’s locked behind the premium currency, but there’s still a significant amount of content that can be easily played without IAP. In addition, by following the above tips you should hopefully get the most bang out of both your magic and premium gems.

  • Serpent2

    How do we get more crows to show up? I log in regularly but don't see them often. There must be a trick to it since people on the leader board have already acquired double or triple what I can find.

    • Art Artson

      They are on a random timer and disappear after a certain period of time. So if you check the app once an hour you're a lot more likely to see them.

  • Jo Blankenese

    How do i get the gloves for the price?

    • Ocho

      Through the new "chests". The first pair of gloves you get will be a random drop out of a Gold or Platinum level chest. It's basically a mechanic that is trying to get you to buy packs of chests, but if you're patient, it will drop eventually. The gloves dropped for my wife about a week before it dropped for me.

      • Jo Blankenese

        Thanx, just need to be patient 😁

  • Isabelle Landriault

    Can we "move" the buildings once they are placed?

    • Pj Noblett

      Yes just long press on building and it will put it in a mode to move all the things you have placed around.

    • TheresaandRoger Rassi

      cannot be placed if one of the characters are doing something in the building

  • Tina Marketos Miller

    Can anyone tell me what the trophies are for that we get in the chest's

    • RavinLunatic

      Trophies are for Dash of The Incredibles

  • Kasey Taylor Scott

    At what level is the Western/Frontierland opened?

    • TallBearNC

      Nothing in this game is based on your level. It's all based on the number of quests you do, and you have to complete certain quests to unlock land

  • Twilla Jacobson

    does anyone know if we can "sell" our extra decorations if we don't want to keep them?

    • TheresaandRoger Rassi

      there is a new thing in the wizards that you can put them in a cauldron and give you things to buy more stuff to help you

  • Chantel Kalinsky

    Anyone know when the past event characters and stuff are coming back?
    How to get through the events faster to get the characters unlocked

  • Lauren Winters

    I feel like no matter what I do the guests happiness are not going above 15% and I have not had a parade in a while now. How can I change this?

    • Karlycheer

      You have to click on the tent the parade comes out of and select the floats for the parade. It will fun for an hour and then won't be available for 6 hours.

  • wesley james.

    Is it worth buying more floats to get more gems?. I only have 40 gems at the moment.

    • Jessica Guizar

      Yes I think it is worth it you spend 5 gems but you will eventually get it back by activating each float on a regular basis

  • Catherine Reyes

    How do I welcome Buzz lighter? It seems I either miss or not yet update my levels or grades

  • Brandy L Duncan

    I don't know anyone that plays Magic Kingdom, and I was wondering if there is anywhere you can go to make friends so I will have friends in the game. If anyone sees this and wants to be my friend, my Facebook account is Brandy L Duncan. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Annon E Moose


    Playing this game can get tedious, not to mention costly. If you enjoy taking your time or paying for gems and magic, then stop reading this right now! But if you’d like to get ahead quickly, or you'd like to help a friend get ahead, then this is for you…

    One person can make a copy of their game and give it to another. So if you’ve been playing this game for a while, and you’d like to help a friend get to where you are, you can do that. You can both have the exact same game to play on your own devices—the same levels, the same jewels, the same magic; the same everything! Best of all, it costs you nothing but a little time and effort. After you do this, you’re both on your own. You both start at the same place at the same time, then each of you continues to play your own game at your own pace. (It might be fun to compete with one another after you do this.)

    The game is designed to allow a player to transfer their game to another device and continue playing. This feature can be used to give another person a copy of your game.

    You must give someone your password so they can have access to your game. However, you must *never* do that. Never Ever! No! No! No!

    The person who wants to share makes a copy of the game from their own device to a second “dummy” account. The second account is then shared. This is a little tricky, but totally doable. Example: Walt has a game he wants to share with Roy. First, Walt creates a “dummy” account named Touchstone. Next, Walt puts a copy of his game into the Touchstone account, then tells Roy the password of that account. Roy then opens the Touchstone account and makes a copy of the game to put into his own Roy account. (The Touchstone account is shared via the cloud.)

    When you close your game on your device, a copy of it is stored in the cloud under your account name. So at that point, there are technically *two* copies of the same thing; one on your device, the other in the cloud. The one in the cloud is identified by your ID (either the FaceBook ID or the Game Center ID, depending on which you use when you play the game.) When the game opens, the first thing it does is compare the version on your device to the version in the cloud. If the versions don’t match, you’ll be prompted to select the one you want to use. By selecting your device, you’ll copy that to the cloud. On the other hand, by selecting the one in the cloud, you'll copy that to your own device.

    Sooooo… Think about the choice you'd have if you closed the game, changed to the secondary ID, then reopened the game. By choosing what’s already on your device, you'd copy that to the secondary ID in the cloud. By choosing what’s in the cloud using the secondary ID, you'd copy that to your device.

    Be sure when you're done to change your device back to your normal ID. Otherwise you'll be using the wrong ID, and making a mess of everything.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  • TheresaandRoger Rassi

    how come I am not getting many wandering plants only get like 4

  • Ashley Muller

    How many levels are each character



  • Shari Rebert

    How do you unlock trouble maker pete

  • Michelle Bell Krueger

    I have Goofy needing do to a quest on eating a sandwich at his house. I have picked all the quests for sandwich eating and apparently they are not right, cause the need for that quest is not going away. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Julie Brown Webb

      It's usually the first one on the list 🙂

  • Kristie Mills

    Can I buy gift card to use to buy multiple purchases on this game? Don't want a bunch of individual charges lol

  • Reyna

    How can I get more gems. I only have 11

  • Reyna

    Is there really a hack to get more gems.

  • Roxy Smith

    I just started playing a little while ago. there are a lot of characters that go with the events that are over. like beauty and the beast. Will it run through them again so we can finish?

  • Stephen Zerbe

    what do I need to do to get the rest of jungle book I got the boy but now what

  • Kelly K Davis

    How do I get rid of Halloween decor? It's Thanksgiving!!!