Developer Joint Custody have announced their new project Scéal, a narrative-driven adventure for desktop and mobile, and it's one of the most unique looking games I've seen in a long time. Scéal (pronounced Shkeal for those playing at home) is about a girl who has died and returned to the world of the living as a spirit. She has no recollection of her previous life, but in order to move on to the afterlife she must provide the Raven of the Dead details of that life lest she end up aimlessly wandering the Earth as a spirit for the rest of eternity. It's an interesting premise with an even more interesting visual style, and Scéal is steeped in Irish folklore. Check out the video.

As you can see the world of Scéal is like one giant living painting, with pieces that morph and shift as you move through it. Your goal will be to wander the world and learn enough about your previous life to satisfy the Raven of the Dead, but I'm guessing that there will be much more to it than that. I imagine the girl's life itself will be full of intrigue. Scéal will be heading to Steam for PC and Mac as well as iOS and Android as a premium game in the next couple of months, so expect more from this interesting-looking game soon.

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  • Simon Gould


    • MarsMachine

      What he said

  • gbravetti


  • Ponyfox

    This look incredibly promising. The art and music captivated me right off the back and cannot wait to see and hear more of this. Potential instabuy!

  • OrangutanKungfu

    Stunning. The art reminds me of Cartoon Saloon films like Song of the Sea and The Secret of Kells.

  • Kaimen

    Just try to watch it muted. There is nothing here except some flat school paintings.

  • jag64

    oh my god is this lovely: very moving story: artstyle is so gr8! very short: but very rewarding! i enjoyed every minute:even it's very repetetive: paint and search: but the whole is a wonderful picturebook with some interactive features: but it overwhelmes you with charm and love!