Foursaken Media's freight train of releases is just about to pick up in 2016. They've already released All is Lost [Free] and have the clicker-inspired War Tortoise coming out in late April. But no, they ain't stopping, as they've just announced Adventure Company, a class-based action-RPG. Oh, and they want people on our forums to help test it out. The game will have you building up a team of heroes as part of your eponymous adventure company, leveling up and discovering new classes for the heroes – 60 classes in total.

Adventure Company Foursaken

There's a strategic planning aspect involved as you can split your company up between different stages to help complete the game's 50 missions more efficiently. The game's using a low-poly art style that's looking pretty slick, too. If you want to help Foursaken Media make this all spiffy, then check out the forum thread and follow the instructions to get into the beta test.

  • gaberaph

    Really excited to test this one out 🙂 looks good!

    • Marvin

      I hear ya, I hope I get picked.

  • ImJPaul

    No time to beta test but this looks pretty awesome. I'll anxiously wait for its release.

  • danny31004

    Always love their games, cant wait!

  • 7lilwhitewolf7

    I don't like Foursaken Media
    Foursaken Media
    Foursaken Media
    Foursaken Media