Late last night US time Pokemon Go started their Japanese "field test", inviting select Android users to try out the game early. Immediately following, Twitter was blowing up with all sorts of people selected for the test... ...aaaaand no one seemed to be able to get the game working. Thankfully, a game doesn't even need to be functional for data miners to go hog wild, and much like what we see with new Hearthstone [Free] patches, the internet collectively opened their hex editors and went to town. Findings have been reported everywhere between various Pokemon forums and a ton of other places including but not limited to 4chan. The Pokemon Go subreddit has been aggressively cataloging everything that's been revealed, ultimately producing this video that goes over what seems like every single thing in the game right now:

The big thing for me is the discovery that battles will likely not be realtime, data miners are thinking based on the text strings they found that players will leave Pokemon behind at various locations with two different moves selected. I guess it's not much of a surprise, considering that's how most of these GPS games typically work. Either way, it'll be really interesting to see how this game does when it's finally launched in the US. Commenters have been pretty loud and clear on the other Pokemon Go stories we've posted that they have no intention on leaving their house to play a game.

...Since GPS games sort of rely on that kind of thing, we'll have to just wait and see if it's the vocal minority of people being a stick in the mud about Pokemon Go, or if as we suspect on our latest podcast, if the power of the Pokemon brand will really energize mainstream players to get involved in this sort of gameplay.

  • Hoodin

    I love how resolute gamers are to not leave their house, even when leaving your house gets game-afied! Heaven forbid you get off yer lard butts and go visit a museum or a park! I'm excited for this-- it's a super interesting concept and hopefully a lot of fun!

    Let's just hope it works!

    • robotkirby

      My thoughts exactly, Don't like the fact that you have to get up and move? Keep playing 3DS Pokemon!

    • Taxt2180

      Do people like you ever consider that maybe not anywhere near all gamers or Pokemon fans are three hundred pound stereotypes you seem to see them as? I work two manual labor jobs where I'm on my feet all day and I go to school. I'm not wasting gas money or energy to go out of my way for even more activity, especially when I can play games and so much more from the comfort of my home. Similarly, do people like you ever stop to think maybe it's not okay for me to comment on the personal lifestyle choices of complete strangers? Let alone condescendingly.

      • MagIor

        So go play a different game?

    • randomdude

      Interesting concept, but they might have ruined it by not having actual battles and training....

  • Dr T

    Again, considering how excited my son was to collect Pokemon and battle family and friends on his iPhone a lot of this news is leaving me underwhelmed. He's not on a phone contract as he has my discarded iPhone 5 so I'm not sure the geolocation will even be possible. Then to find out there's no direct battling? Just... disappointing.

    • porsupah

      Geolocation should be fine, I would've thought - the app will still have the GPS receiver to call upon, which is entirely independent of cellular operation, and free, and be able to use WiFi (as in, the names of WiFi bases it can see, not requiring any data or signup) to provide a more rapid initial location.

      • Dr T

        I'm sure he'll be able to play on local wifi's that are open for him. I just think that geolocation as a whole might not be all that effective when you don't have cellular data for a game. But we will see. Maybe they can make it work.

      • YaoYao

        I've tried playing Ingress on wifi, not worth bothering. I'd say you better count on the phone's GPS.

      • speetz

        I don't have service on mine and my gps still works fine. Maybe they can allow input then upload actions whenever hitting a wifi area for certain aspects of the game. Wouldn't be difficult; I've seen other games do it

    • Brendan Charles

      Anyone who expected direct battling should seriously be rethinking their perception of the state of mobile gaming.

      • Dr T

        See, I don't get this. You can play co-op on Terraria and Minecraft. I can go and play Pokemon Showdown in my browser and do a direct battle right now or a random match up. Expecting direct battling with another person isn't exactly asking for the moon when you're talking about wifi/bluetooth enabled devices.

      • Brendan Charles

        You're looking at it the wrong way. Technologically it's possible. It has been for a while. But it just doesn't make sense for Nintendo to have Ninatic develop a game that would be a similar experience as what they would offer on their own hardware. In that case, people would just play the mobile version instead of the 3DS version and then Nintendo would be in the exact same situation that SEGA is in now. It needs to be a very different experience as the real Pokemon games and it needs to be nowhere near as fun. That's on purpose. It's not a technological limitation or cut features or anything like that, it's just a reality of the industry.

  • ffaust

    Sounds like a neat concept to me. I like that they are trying to be innovative instead of creating a clone of all the other fighting games out there.

  • 김지 킫밸

    It's not a simple issue of leaving the house with a game you used a VPN network to trick into saying you live in Japan to get a build of the game. If ninantic found out, your banned from the game totally, so using an excuse as to why your not leaving your house with the game, I can see that

  • Daniel Noah

    Looking forward to hoping the fence at Area 51 to get Mewtoo

  • Slimwiggins

    I hope people don't ruin what it's intended to be. Leaving the house is a big draw for me. My kids will love that.

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's very much going to be a GPS game regardless of how much commenters complain. It's what Niantic does.

      • Dr T

        Yeah, I get that. And I applaud that the game will have a very different feel from the 3DS games thanks to that. I'm just hoping that for devices that are only on wifi the geolocation will work. I admit I'm not terribly familiar with geolocation games or how they interact with wifi only devices.

      • robotkirby

        Seeing as Ingress has to have data and location turned on, I don't see this being any different.

    • coheedrocks27

      except for the fact that there are games out there where you play directly with other players.

      The fact that you can't directly battle somebody almost completely makes me not even want to try this now

  • Brendan Charles

    I'm actually kind of impressed. This looks better than I thought it would be. The fact you even get an avatar is more than ingress ever offered. The map look and feels right... the bigger questions are about how it will actually play.

    I played Ingress and loved it- I only stopped because I found I was devoting too much of my routine around it. It was very hard to play casually. It was all in or nothing. I'm assuming this will be very much the same.

  • Yaafm

    It is the minority crying.
    Im a steadfast home gamer, sun is consistently trying to kill me. But I am sooo willing to brave the dangers of the great outdoors (see: local park) to play Pokemon GO. My body is ready.

  • speetz

    I don't leave my house on adventures much but this being a game that is played while doing so means just that; whenever I can or am out and about, I'll be Pokemon go time and at home I'll play some standard RPG affair