Cruise Control is looking pretty cool, and it needs beta testers. The game has you driving down an endless highway, swerving through traffic, and dodging all sorts of hazards, such as laser pterodactyls. The game features one-touch controls a la Super Arc Light [$1.99] where you tap to go the other direction. While it should be perfect for one-hand play in portrait mode, you can also enjoy it in landscape mode. Three different endless levels are planned for the game, with an untold number of cars to drive. Check out the trailer:

Yes, the game is going for that kind of 80's nostalgia that seems to be quite popular right now. There was the Kung Fury movie which went for an 80's VHS aesthetic and the rise of synthwave artists like Perturbator, GosT, and Com Truise. Plus, there's games like Vector Fury [Free], Retro Shot [Free], and Chrome Death [Free] that use the kind of neon colors, synthwave (which this game will have with a Vector Hold soundtrack), and VHS blurriness that's becoming quite common. It seemed like vibrant colors were coming out of the rash of dark and brown styled things of the late 2000's, and everything comes back around again, so here we are. I'm down for this faux-80's style to keep going for a while because I think the neo-futurism still looks pretty cool. Cruise Control's developers are looking for beta testers, and you can get more details in the forum thread.