2015 was a great year for fans of Pac-Man on iOS, with Pac-Man Championship Edition DX [$4.99] finally seeing release on mobile in premium form instead of the weird free-to-play version that was soft launched. But then we got the surprise Pac-Man 256 [Free], which was this amazing take on endless Pac-Man from the developers of Crossy Road Crossy Road [Free]. But what about if you were a fan of both games? You were left out in the cold, forced to choose between one Pac-Man game at a time. Not any more, kinda! Pac-Man 256's latest update has the game getting some new themes, including one based off of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. Granted, that game has a ton of visual styles, so it's a theme based on one of them, but still, pretty cool:

Pac-Man 256 DX Theme

You can nab the theme for $0.99 or 2048 coins, whichever you prefer. A "Robotz" theme and an Office theme where you have to escape dastrdly office furniture is available. Friends' scores now appear in-game, and iCloud support has been improved. Check out the update right now!

  • Steve Norman

    I had a great time chasing seriously high scores with some friends on this. Then Game Center killed it. Doubt I'll even bother checking this out now, let alone throw the money at it that I'd have done without thought six months ago.

  • DBrown519

    I like this game a lot, but I am burned out on mobile games; I went back to console games. All I do is download games on these iPhones/iPads, but never play them cause it is just boring; nothing like playing online and chatting with people on Xbox Live/PlayStation Live. Thanks Touch Arcade for all the stuff the last many years of owning iOS devices with iOS games.