It's always seemed a little weird to me that we don't have more boxing games on the App Store, as the few that have come out have all worked so great with touchscreen and gesture controls. Well, a new game got posted to our upcoming games forum titled Mean Streets which takes Punch Out mechanics combined with swipe controls. Mix in an art style that seems vaguely reminiscent of Team Fortress 2, and I'm totally onboard. Check out the trailer:

The developers mentioned in our forums that they're on the hunt for a "strong audience looking for more substance in actual combat scenarios," and I hope they find it. This is the exact kind of thing I want on my iPhone. Be sure to add Mean Streets to your watch list, as we're going to be following this game closely.

  • Creepshow

    This looks so amazing! Beautiful modern day punch out.

  • 김지 킫밸

    Loving it too!


    Wow! WOw! WOW!!!

    Now this looks friggin amazing! A fighting game done fun!

  • Brrobotix

    Holy crap this looks good. I know they don't have this in mind, but it looks like we might finally have something to dethrone infinity blade.

  • Kamakazie

    The animations could use some work. The hits don't look like they have much impact.

  • Travis Ryan

    looks superb! great 'meaty' combat feel to it.

  • Quazonk

    Looks awesome!

  • bigrand1

    When's this supposed to pop? I want this yesterday!!!!!!

  • DrlRage

    This looks amazing. I was actual surprised by how immersive it looks. I love the style of the characters and the whole atmosphere. The fighting looks great. I'm definitely on board!

  • darkcrayon

    Why do I want to ply this in VR?... 🙂

  • JudasKain

    On this like mold on old cheese!

  • gaymerX

    Looks great. I just wish the main character didn't look like such a tool.

    • Tallgeese

      Yeah. He looks like the Bully kid crossed with a ginger Little Mac...

      • HandfulofWolf

        Realise I'm a bit late to the conversation but I personally like this look. I have very fond memories of being Jimmy Hopkins in Bully and prefer this over just another retread of the generic fighting game protagonist. Hope this game is out soon. Haha.

  • Tallgeese

    AmI the only one who doesn't like the newer Street Fighter aesthetic?

  • redribbon

    ok, i f*ckin need this right now!!!

  • Twitchfactor

    Looks awesome, but I do wish they made the main character transparent, like Punch Out. It's nice to see more of your opponents, than the bro you're playing.

  • Daniel Schroeder

    Infinity Punch-Out!! Watched.

  • Mekklesack

    Slick presentation. I got my eyes on this one.

  • towner64

    How long for this one, any word of a release date pr a website we can check, im hyped for this one for ages!

    • DrlRage

      I've been wondering too.

      • towner64

        Still no word, starting to think its dead?