Ticket to Earth from Robot Circus is an upcoming turn based RPG with an interesting twist of a new mash-up game mechanic. While it's still early in the development for Ticket to Earth, with the game is expected to launch late in the year, the early game play is there and it looks promising. In the game players have one or more players each given a two turns per round. Those turns can be used to gather along a single color tile on the floor or attack. The interesting and different part of the game is that it adds a little bit of a puzzle mode to the standard turn based gameplay.

There are of course power ups and buffs to increase both the gather skills and the attacks of the player controlled characters. The video below shows a bit of the gameplay. There's also a single player campaign with a real time PVP mode planned.

  • Schpank

    Looks groovy

  • lezrock

    Looks dope! Premium or FTP?

    • Gamera Love


      • Design by Adrian

        I hope it's premium! Love the unlimited content and support, and no timers or paywalls that throttle your progress!

      • Stormourner of the Nature

        I hope they're both freemium and premium XD

  • Chungston

    Looks promising. Lets hope its premium!

  • Kevin Chan

    I'm one of the developers on "TIcket to Earth". It's great to finally be showing people our game! 😀 I wanted to introduce myself, and will start to share info about the game at the forums here.

    • solomani

      Saw the game with on GG GDC special. Looking forward to it!

      • Kevin Chan

        Thanks, solomani!! 😀 GDC was amazing, and it was really awesome to get to chat with NichBoy!

      • solomani

        No worries. Will be keeping my eye on this. I really like the art and music I have seen so far + inventive use of mechanics and genre (tactical battle and bejewelled like "connect 4" puzzling).

  • Kimchisoju

    Hey! Any word on whats happening with this game?