Stronghold Kingdoms is a massive online strategy free to play game which previously was only available on the PC which is on the fast track to mobile devices. Cooler yet, the whole thing is going to be totally cross platform. Effectively, the game already exists and it's getting a mobile client allowing existing players to bring their kingdoms with them on the go. Check out our brief hands on at GDC-

If building castles and warring against other kingdoms tickles your fancy, you can hop in right now by visiting the Stronghold Kingdoms web site. Everything will be brought over when it hits mobile, and there's no better way to be tuned into the developments of the mobile client than getting involved in the PC side of things.

  • ChaosProdigy

    I likes this game on PC when it first came up but soon realized it's a HUGE money grab and there is a lot of coordinated OP high lvl players cash rolling wins against everyone.

    Quickly quit it

  • kreylix

    I played in the SK beta about five years (sorry I don't remember exact server name). What was cool is that it was quite unique for a Tribal Wars category game (Evony, Chronicles of Merlin, Grepolis, KingsAge, Ikarium, Travian), especially the visual movement. I joined after the server had been going a long time and had no chance to really advance. I had wished they had smaller number of players/server and started servers more often. Perhaps I'll give it a try on my iPad. (I have a hard time imagining it on cell phone...the map demanded a large screen. Perhaps I'm wrong, or they have a very clever solution.) All in all, great to see this game again - it's very well-deserving of serious players attention.

    • kreylix

      about five years AGO. (sorry)