Plague Inc. [$0.99] was one of my favorite mobile games for quite some time back when it came out. The idea of trying to kill the world by picking the correct combination of symptoms was very entertaining. The gameplay was great fun, and the "this is how the world ends" undertone definitely added to the entertainment. And managing to actually eradicate the world with a virus called 'Taco Bell' was always a highlight. Now, Ndemic Creations has decided to spread the disease all over your table by creating Plague Inc: The Board Game. According to the website, PIBM is a strategic game of infection, evolution, and extinction for 2-5 players. Unlike Pandemic, the players are all deadly diseases that must battle against each other to spread their plagues, develop new symptoms, and ultimately wipe out humanity.

We don't have more information on the mechanics and all that, but the theme should make it fun to play, and so far Ndemic Creations has shown us that it knows how to make a fun game. After all, the mobile game has infected many mobile devices (over 65 million players total on all platforms), and I can see it becoming a favorite at the various evil masterminds' tabletop nights. The developers hope to combine the best bits of the digital game with a unique table top design and give us even more Plague Inc., which sounds good to me. The game should be coming at some point this year, so keep an eye out.

  • nicoper

    Sounds like fun, I just need to find someone to play with I guess.

  • profhuggybear

    They've already made a game like it. It's called pandemic. Curious to see what plague will do differently.

    • Tasos Lazarides

      Pandemic is cooperative and you play some specialists trying to beat the disease. Here you play as the diseases and you are fighting with other diseases (players) (as far as I can tell)

      • Ndemic Creations

        Yep - correct. This is not a cooperative game!

      • maiyr

        Amazing, sounds like my kind of board game. It will sit next to Pandemic, so i can ask, shall we save people or kill people?🤓 glad this was made into a board game.

  • hkgsulphate

    how amazing this game is still popular after so many years

  • MasonHurst

    I don't even like the tag line "can you infect the world?" So unpleasant and the gameplay has always been a yawner also. Obviously somebody must find it captivating...