In August of last year our own resident hardcore Disney fanboy Eric Ford went to the D23 event where Disney Interactive showcased their upcoming video game projects. Among major players like Kingdom Hearts 3 and Star Wars: Battlefront was a little mobile game called Disney Magic Kingdoms which will task you with creating your very own Disney theme park using rides and attractions that actually exist in real-life Disney parks across the globe. Given the popularity of city-builders on mobile, Disney Magic Kingdoms isn't surprising in the least, and by partnering up with Gameloft it looks like there's a fair bit of polish on this one based on this newly-released teaser trailer.

Even though free to play city-builders aren't really my jam, it's hard not to appreciate just how high the production values and how deep the fan service is in Disney Magic Kingdoms based on this first trailer. I think it sort of has to be that way, as this isn't exactly the deepest genre but it sure can survive on quality production and a great use of IP, as The Simpsons, Family Guy, Star Trek, and tons of other huge brands have shown us. No release date has been set but Disney and Gameloft state that Disney Magic Kingdoms is "coming soon" and you can pre-register right now over at the official website for a chance to unlock some additional goodies in time for the game's launch.

  • shining jade

    Most likely if there like EA and it's theme park game or Rollercoaster tycoon 4 it's wifi locked ... As usual with games in this day and age x.x

  • cabuckn

    Coming off the previous Gameloft article (which was enlightening and sad) this seems like good news for Gameloft, right?

    • _mean.13

      I hate gameloft now😡 am I the only one who thought they were awesome back in the MC2, NOVA, Prince of Persia days?

      • crazy dad

        I've been having fun still with nova 3 (been on every device and I play almost everyday) asphalt6 still plays well one iPhone 6s though graphics are out dated and mc4 is still fun. Mc 5 is too much on rails and the online games kill me super quick. I wouldn't say I hate game loft, but I don't like their current games, but will gladly play their old ones till they stop working.

      • Rain1dog

        Soooo very much agreed... The very first Hero of Sparta was awesome. Even their FF clone Eternal Legacy was awesome

      • Mysterious Heroine X

        Their premium offline games are classics and some of the best iOS has to offer. Gameloft won't even acknowledge these anymore (which are far superior to their current online only library) since they've removed most of them from the AppStore. They rather you get addicted to their online only money-sinks instead.

      • YARRRRR

        More than that, by now it is safe to say they have an actual history (I can recall at least 3 titles, and I am no Gameloft historian) of releasing a premium title, milk out premium crowd, and then convert it to f2p with an insane amount of p2w and timers and stuff.

        So no matter what it looks like at launch, no one should buy their premium-bait stuff until the dust is settled and there is at least some vague confidence the game won't be butchered.

        And on top of that we now have Disney guys, probably the most evil entity of today, the guys who seriously tried to bully theaters to disregard a pre-existing contract with Tarantino in order to get couple more spots for their new SW movie. This game will probably be a pure gem of evil, hatred and hair.

  • gaymerX

    If it gives the player total freedom for park layout and allows for micromanagement, then I'm sold on this!! And no timers!!

    • John

      Oh LOL, good one.

      Timers, trickcurrencies, the sky will not even be the limit on this cash grab. Bank on it.

      • Septim

        Perhaps the title of the article should have been Disney and Gameloft Want You to buy all the microtransactions in 'Disney Magic Kingdoms'. Heh

  • curtisrshideler

    Yeah, this just sounds like a fruitless money-sink. But, from Disney and Gameloft, I guess I wouldn't expect much fun to come of it for me. Hope someone enjoys it though. I know a lot of people who really like those theme parks.

  • mrfatuous

    This could be a great kids game. It won't be though, it'll be some f2p crap with timers and special jewels left right and centre.

  • shining jade

    Coming back & reading comments it's sad .. The games not out and we all know how this game is gonna hit .. F2P, Timers, Wifi only garbage sorry .. This day and age only a few good games are premiums offline not greedy.. Crashlands, Minecraft, Junk Jack series, the Scribblenauts series, Toca boca series, it's mainly the paid games that do the right thing besides a few free games like Gangster Vegas, Pocket Mortys isn't bad nether is pocket frogs (been playing that sense iPod 2G)
    Maybe it will be good but these two company's go timers and bullcrap so there's no hope -_- it's like Nintendo and Pokemon shuffle freemium it's wifi locked on mobile but not 3DS ... Free Mobile stuff now a days is greedy and thinks everyone in the world has stable wifi ...

  • nicoper

    Could be fun, but will probably be filled with iAP.