If you aren't familiar with the manga and anime Attack on Titan, you're missing out on what is a very unique story in a very unique universe. If anime isn't your thing, you'll have the opportunity to explore the world of Attack in Titan on your mobile since GameSamba, Funimation, and NGames have announced today that they plan on bringing an Attack on Titan game to Android and iOS by the end of 2016. Before going into detail about the game, first a few words about the franchise. Attack on Titan takes place in a universe where humans are hiding behind huge walls in an attempt to protect themselves from the Titans, giant humanoid figures that enjoy eating humans in pretty gross ways  (and often look a bit like humans from the Body Worlds exhibitions). Humans have a military force that tries to defend from Titan attacks by using a kind of grappling mechanism, so the battles are quite spectacular. Attack on Titan has sold over 50 million copies of manga in print, has a 25 episode anime series, and has live action films, too.

The Attack on Titan game will be an action-driven title according to the announcement and will combine elements of runner and action games in an attempt to replicate the feeling of the Titan battles. Players will need to plan carefully as well as have quick reactions to survive, and the game will have deeper, persistent elements that will be revealed at a later date. Hopefully this game won't just be a money-grab but, rather, an attempt to replicate those amazing battles on mobile. If they manage to get the art style right, the game should look quite impressive because those Titans look really, really great (in an unsettling way). We'll keep you informed as we learn more about the game.


  • Alexythimia23

    I can guarantee if anyone just watches the first episode of attack on titan, you will be hooked and watch everyone....this and bleach are the best animation full stop ever made in my opinion. Bleach already has a great game so cant wait for the Titan game, cant wait to see how this turns out!

    • Themagicjesus

      Putting Bleach anywhere close to Attack on Titan is an insult on Attack on Titan. Bleach is bottom
      Tier anime. Attack is a masterpiece

      • Milotorou

        The first 2 seasons of Bleach were very good.

        And then ... Yeah, then it became absolute s**t.

      • Alexythimia23

        In my opinion its really not...attack on titan is one season so far anime wise,mi just hope the rest is just as good. Bleach has got awesome music, epic battles, a deep story,overload of characters an an all round 24 karat badass anime and manga. But yeah i cudnt pick between them, but whateva does it for you. I just hope the game is good for AOT, would love to play the story how the bleach game does it by fighting titans, but thats probably asking too much going by how its described in this article..

      • Based Xatu

        Bleach has a deep story? Lol

      • JudasKain

        Bleach tries to relive the epicness of DBZ but fails miserably. It has no respect for its characters nor its audience. When any "superior" race/specie is introduced as a threat, protagonist just so happens to be 1/8.5763th of that race/specie too. When someone dies, they are magically resurrected. When you know death means nothing on a show and when main char will ALWAYS save the day, it makes for a shallow experience. When people die or lose limbs in AOT, they lose it forever (Titan regen exempted). AOT has a deep story, is highly political, and reflects many realities we face in the real world. Lets not put bleach in the same bracket as AOT. Lets just not.

      • Alexythimia23

        Lmao judas thats nearly all animes where people pretend to die and then come aot included! Lol i dont think bleach pretends to be anything like dbz, just because they powerup? So dow powerrangers lol whats yer point! Attack is a masterpiece in hows its done compared to bleach, but The difference when i watch something, i accept it in the CONTEXT the creator has done it. Its not my story to moan about it after and say this is what shud happen, or that dont make sence. Thats what spoils things today, people thinking they can do sumfing better, all most people do is rag on sumfing. Just accept it for what it is, fictional entertainment, you get alot more enjoyment that way!

    • Sterling Archer

      Now, I really got hooked to AoT, but the issue I had was the pacing. It was TERRIBLE. 70% of he episode dragged like crazy, but that 30% sucked you in like you were addicted to crack.

      I know they had to stretch things out, and the parts where there was real emotional strife and action were more than good enough to enjoy all of the show, but man I constantly remember just anticipating the "HOLY CRAP" moments in each episode.

      as for the game, the chances of it being anything but garbage are about the same as me getting a date with hackers era Angelina Jolie. They've released multiple games on a few different platforms and they've all been panned by critics and fans, I don't think this will be any different. I'd love it to be, but I think history holds the answers.

  • spader623

    'Runner'. Sure lost socks (or naughty socks, I forgot the exact name) is an example of it actually being quite good but... They're a very very rare exception

  • Evolution888

    Theres a CoC clone in JP with AoT stuff lol

  • dingdongfootball

    Oh hell yeah I read every issue of the manga as soon as it comes out pls be good

  • 7lilwhitewolf7

    AOT - i am scared

  • http://www.twitter.com/supaflyindie Supaflyindie

    cant wait! I loved the movie and how creepy it was. would make for a fun game

  • craig victory

    this could be great if they do it well but im worried it might be done poorley like the attack on titan game that came out for the vita or was it 3ds or both anyway it was on a handheld device and i remmember that being really bad lets hope this doesnt turn out like that and we instead get a great game fingers and toes crossed that it turns out well

  • rtificial

    A new Titan game just came out made by the dynasty warrior team. So far it's got good reviews.

  • zergslayer69

    Go go card game or town builder! (Would much prefer something along the veins of the 3ds or ps4/vita version even if watered down)

  • Kai Zhuang

    I got nightmares from this anime lol.