Desert Golfing [$1.99] is a minimalist 2D golfing game from developer Justin Smith, who has been well-known for years now for creating quirky gaming experiences on a variety of platforms but is probably best-known on mobile for his wacky Bear Driving Simulator Enviro-Bear 2010 [$1.99]. Anyway, Desert Golfing took on a life of its own following its release in August of 2014. Something about its extreme minimalism drew people in hole after hole, but subtle things like the terrain very slowly changing color over the course of many thousands of holes prompted people to find deeper meaning in all this endless golfing. I have no doubt that it's only a matter of time before Desert Golfing is required teaching in every philosophy class across the globe.

Despite being an endless game, due to Desert Golfing's procedurally-generated nature it's always remained a possibility that the game will generate an impossible level. According to Justin Smith himself in a fall 2014 interview, he didn't build any safeguards into the game that would prevent it creating an impossible hole. However, over the past year and some change that the game has been out, nobody has come across a completely unbeatable hole yet, even over the course of thousands of holes. Until today, perhaps. Or more accurately this past Monday morning when forum member Jotch posted that they believe they've run into the first truly impossible hole in Desert Golfing, hole number 19,491. Here's a picture of the hole in question.


As noted in the ensuring discussion in our forum, the game doesn't allow you to drive the ball hard enough to make it up the hill and all the angles that make up the hill are too steep to allow the ball to sit still on them. Another possible strategy that's been discussed is trying to land the ball on the very point of the slanted wall right next to the tee, but Jotch has tried that tactic "endlessly" and could never get it to work either. It seems this might finally be the end of Desert Golfing. It's an incredible accomplishment getting to nearly the twenty thousandth hole, and for the couple of bucks the game costs that's a pretty decent return on investment in terms of play time.

Unless… someone out there has gotten past hole 19,491 and has some advice for Jotch on how to beat it? If so, drop some knowledge in the game's forum thread and help Jotch continue on in this already epic Desert Golfing quest!

  • Alex_Gol

    The game is endless but everyone gets the same levels, right?

    • bitbit


  • Quazonk

    Wow. Are the levels not randomly generated then?

    • Stevoisiak

      I think it's that they are randomly generated, but the same code is used to generate the levels for every player, so everyone will get the same "randomly" generated level.

      It's like if you play Minecraft and give everyone the same world seed. It's randomly generated, but with a seed you can get the same randomly generated level

      • hoodwinkedfool

        Yeah, it's the same idea behind No Man's Sky. A giant, nearly infinite Galaxy, but because everyone gets the same RNG at the start everyone ends up with the same Galaxy.

    • Adams Immersive

      Computer "random" numbers are really pseudo-random: some algorithm that "feels" random but generates the same series numbers every time. The random number generator takes a "seed" value, and every seed always generates the same results. (UNLESS a source of true entropy is added, such as user behavior: using the time of day that the user tapped something, or the exact pixel they tapped, etc., as the "seed," making the pseudo-random values be different every time.)

  • boydstr

    This has nothing to do with the topic but I heard of the term clicker/tapper what do they mean??

  • NickyNichols

    I've played and enjoyed many games over the years on iOS. I've paid $20 for Monster Hunter, I've collected every single Final Fantasy game there is available. But nothing, nothing, NOTHING, has had me captivated like this stupid Endless Golf Game. It's therapeutic.

  • toofinedog

    If you can't beat it, it's endless.

    • skylined87

      Ahhh....touché my friend...

  • DemoEvolved

    Game breaking glitch! I demand a patch for my $2 spent!!!

  • vectorarchitekt

    I wish people played Golfinity like this one.

  • Sean

    The wife would be really happy if the game had an actual "end", but I'm afraid hole 19,491 isn't the last one... I'm currently at hole 26,950, and I don't see an end in sight.

    • NukesKnight

      Prove it!

      • Sean

        Follow me on Twitter lol. I post a screenshot every thousand holes.

    • AllTheAnswers

      How did u get by 19491?

  • Modjular

    You should review the game, Jared.